The beach has to be one of the most difficult places to find a suitable bag for. Whether you’re a guy or girl, no swimsuit offers enough secure pockets to bring along your valuables.

The Surf Showstopper offers a stylish, safe, convenient bag option for men and women when spending a day at the beach or going surfing. The outer material is water repellant and durable enough for the seaside environment, and the underside is constructed of a “toweling” material that absorbs perspiration while working out. The strap is made of durable velcro with a secure fastener.
Inside, a large pouch can hold an iPhone or mp3 player, while a zippered compartment can hold an I.D., credit card, or cash. There is also an outer zippered pocket for your keys or any other valuable that you need quick access to.
The inner compartments are kept secure with a large zippered enclosure, which also features a lip to tuck the zipper away so that it doesn’t jangle while jogging or walking.
If you’re in search of a bag for the beach that is convenient and stylish, the Surf Showstopper is the perfect choice!
If enter the code SURF when checking out, you will receive 10% off their entire order, plus FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING store-wide.
I live in Florida near the beach.  So, this is a perfect answer to the problem of where do I put all my stuff.  I hate leaving my things laying out when I go for a walk on the beach.  I am always afraid they will get stolen.  This has also been a great item when I want to go to the park with my kids down the street and not carry a purse.  The Surf Showstopper really is a great find!
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