Repairing Damaged Hair?

I admit, I am on the search for repairing damaged hair! My hair! It makes me want to cry. Recently, I had tried to straighten my hair with a product that did not agree to well with my hair, so I need to be extra gentle with how I treat it. My hair ended up being a tangled mess and it takes me forever to brush through it. My hair is also down to the middle of my back, so it is an extra long pain. Everytime I would try to brush out the tangles, more and more broke off. Thank goodness, Surface Hair Heath Art Bassu Shine Spray does four very important things for you hair. It shines, protects, detangles, and finishes all in one.

Of course the detangling was the most important for me at first. Once I sprayed the Surface shine spray on a wide tooth comb was so much easier to drag through my tangled mess. I read the back of the ingredient list of the shine spray, and it contained certified botanical organics all which are known to help repair and nourish damaged hair. After only a few short days of using Surface Care Shine Spray, my hair is more manageable, and it feels less like the straw it did a few days prior. Once I get back to full hair health, I will be able to use Surface Shine spray on my hair as a protectant from daily flat iron and blow dryer use.

Everyone wants to look their best, even when they have hair mishaps. It is nice to know there are companies like Surface that provide natural, healthy options to repair your hair. This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.