This is the second product I have reviewed from Swaddle Designs. If you missed the first review, you can find it here: Ultimate Receiving Blanket. I am just impressed with the Swaddle Designs now as I was then. The quality is something you can trust to put your brand new bundle of joy in. The Swaddle Duo has a blanket for when the weather is warm or cold. Living in Southwest Florida, especially in the hot summer months, wrapping your child is almost unthinkable but with Cotton Marquisette open weave material the baby is able to be swaddled comfortably in a breathable fabric.

“SwaddleDuo offers two premium, yet different, baby soft cotton swaddling blankets – two swaddle blankets in a wonderful gift box:

  • The Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is a lightweight premium cotton flannel blanket – for moderate to cooler environmental temperatures made from premium preshrunk domestic cotton.
  • The Marquisette Swaddling Blanket® is a very lightweight openweave cotton blanket – for warmer environmental temperatures similar to muslin but is made from premium quality yarns.

With the SwaddleDuo, parents will be prepared for a variety of environmental settings – cool, moderate and warm

“The SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide™ ~ baby should not be too hot, or too cold, but just right ~ comfortably warm” helps new parents remember the importance of keeping baby comfortably warm.

SwaddleDesigns strives to help new parents care for their baby by providing accurate and up-to-date information, so  parents can may make informed choices. SwaddleDesigns Safe Sleep Program includes recommendations from the AAP and the NIH as the company strives to increase awareness of Safe Sleep practices and help parents reduce risk of SIDS. SwaddleDuo available in 17 styles with MSRP of $38.

According to leading SIDS researchers, both overheating AND overchilling are risk factors for SIDS. In addition, it’s important for parents to understand that when baby is too cool during sleep, baby will use valuable energy to stay warm instead of growing and thriving. Over the past few years some juvenile product companies have over focused on overheating as a SIDS risk factor, and there has been a lack of balanced conversation regarding insufficient thermal insulation – the danger of baby being too cool – as a risk factor for SIDS. It is time for a balanced information where parents are educated and reminded of their important responsibility to make sure baby is not too hot or too cold, but comfortably warm.

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