Sweet Spot Pillow

Sweet Spot pillows have been designed to help people get a better night of sleep. I was very excited when they agreed to be part of the BlogMania, makeover your bedroom, event. Right before my new sweet spot pillow arrive (literally 3-4 hours) I decided to throw my pillow in the washing machine. Apparently that was a bad idea because it did not wash well at all. I was SO excited this pillow had arrive just in the nick-of-time. Sweet Spot Pillows are even machine washable so I will never run into being pillow-less again.

Sweet Spot Pillows are made with hypoallergenic fill and 100% soft cotton shell. For this review I was sent the Standard Regular pillow. The Sweet Spot Pillow has a versatile design where the chamber can be place up or down giving you the ultimate night of sleep. The chamber should be place down for those that sleep on their side with arm tucked underneath or for those who place the pillow between the knee. For people who sleep on their back should place the pillow up to help relieve neck, shoulder and spine fatigue.   As I lay on this pillow and review it, I wonder WHY did I not know about this pillow when I was pregnant with my girls. This kind of support is what a pregnant mama needs!

Sweet Spot Pillows help improve circulation by reducing arm numbness and neck fatigue. They are also recommended to help those who have shoulder pains. Everyone has different shoulder widths and method of sleeping. Sweet Spot Pillows offers a online chart to help you decide which pillow is best for you; low profile, regular, and extra loft. Regular is for side and all around sleepers that has a normal amount of support chamber fill. Extra Loft is a firmer pillow and recommended for side and board shoulder sleepers, offering the most amount of support chamber fill. The low profile pillow has the least amount of support chamber fill ( it is not flat though) and is for back, stomach and petite side sleepers. The Low Profile, Regular, and Extra Loft come in size Standard, Queen, and King. My Sweet Spot Pillow in Standard Regular is perfect for me and my sleeping habits.

I LOVE my Sweet Spot Pillow! It is amazingly comfortable!! I also love the fact that is came with a easy travel case because I won’t be caught sleeping without this pillow. I also must mention, Sweet Spot Pillow had amazing customer service! I was so impressed with friendly and knowledgeable customer service I received.

Sweet Spot Pillow is a sponsor of the BlogMania Event on October 6-12. Make sure you check out their website: Sweet Spot Pillow  to win a Standard Regular Pillow as part of the final package!