Swimsuits That Are Flattering

Well, we are at that time of year that many women love to hate! We love the warm weather, which means we get to break out our cute clothes, shoes and accessories. It also means many women are faced with the prospect of the dreaded swimsuit dilemma. We all ponder if we are in shape enough to wear a 2 piece or should we go for the one piece or maybe a tankini? Part of the stigma attached to the swimsuit issue is a lot of women have parts of their body they are not comfortable with and do not want to show off. With a lot of bathing suit styles, you only have a few options on how much or how little you want to show off. Another layer to this subject is the issue of modesty, for both the younger teen girls and mature women alike. For me, after having 3 kids, I do have a few figure flaws I prefer not to show the other swimmers. There is a great swimwear line named Yokini that takes many of these problems and offers a flattering solution.

Swimsuits That Are Flattering

Many women may be at a desired weight to wear a bathing suit but may have things like stretch marks, scars, or other skin imperfections they are not comfortable making visible. With the unique line from Yokini, they offer swimsuits that are flattering and can change to fit your style and figure. There are 2 styles of bottom from Yokini, the Original and the Hipster. Both can be worn in a number of ways and can cover certain areas to various degrees. Here is the breakdown of each:

  • Original Bottom: This option can be worn in many ways.  You can position it along your stomach and hips to conceal the areas you do not want to show. This bottom can go from a one-piece suit to a cute and flirty fitted skirt. This style offers more control and coverage than the Hipster.
  •  Hipster Bottom:  This style has fewer adjustment possibilities than the Original Bottom. You cannot turn the Hipster into a fitted skirt or one-piece suit. The Hipster can control the hip and stomach area using less fabric. This style lies flat along your hip area to creative a  flattering look and has removable side ties.

Both of the bottoms are super comfortable and with all the different ways you can wear them, it is like having a ton of bathing suits! I like the fact that if I am feeling self conscious about my tummy one day, I can cover it up. The next time, I may feel super confident about my abs and want to show them off, I totally can! The bottoms are so versatile and are made to conceal the areas that bother you the most while allowing you to show off those areas you love. There is also a line of really cute tops from Yokini in a number of colors and patterns to give you several choices. You can buy the Yokini products from their online store. The bottoms range in price from $48-$58, and you can purchase the top and bottom sets from $96-$108.


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