switchbeltThe Era of the Belt
Take part in the newest fashion revolution. The world of mixing and matching has just become cool and limitless. Instead of worrying whether your black or brown belt works better with your red sneakers, you can now blend your style any way you like. For a casual coordinated approach, your shoe laces can mirror your buckle while your shoes match your belt. Women can match their jewelry to their buckle without needing to change out your woman’s belt. You can keep your individuality and stick it to the man at the office without leaving the bounds of professional attire.

Innovative, eco-conscience materials
Switch’s women’s belts are made with elastomeric thermoplastic, with a buckle made of transparent polycarbonate. In real world terms, each woman’s belt is made of out of recycled material that is recyclable & biodegradable. You can now embrace the advancement of fashion technology to help the environment while increasing the possibilities of your wardrobe.

One Size Fits All
No need to worry about sizes. Each belt comes prepackaged at 46″ inches length. These women’s belts are designed so that you can use an ordinary pair of scissors to cut the non-finished end down to your ideal length. Then you just insert into any of the interchangeable buckles.