diamondsI enjoy wearing a little bit of bling.  I have never been a huge jewelry person, but I do like simple jewelry that has a little bit of sparkle to it.  I think I started enjoying diamonds after I had gotten my engagement ring, after all that was my first diamond!  I say that I enjoy diamonds, however I should preface that with saying I enjoy looking at diamonds – I really cannot afford real diamonds.

Synthetic Diamonds Look Real

However I do find synthetic diamonds to be more affordable.  When I go into jewelry stores the synthetic diamonds look real.  It is really hard to tell the difference between the synthetic diamond rings and the real diamond rings.  Purchasing diamonds that are synthetic is a great way to save money but still get the look and feel of a diamond.  I think they have gotten better and better at producing synthetic diamonds throughout the years.  I have heard of a couple companies who actually grow their own diamonds now.

My daughter got her ears pierced about a year a half ago.  When it came time to switch out her earrings we discovered that she cannot wear cheap earrings.  This has always been my problem too.  I am really grateful that the cost of earrings, and jewelry in general has gotten so much more affordable.  Especially since about 12 weeks ago I got a second piercing in my ears.  It is a little funny at 46 that I am now being adventurous!  I have always thought double pierced ears were really cute, and since I do love earrings it gives me the opportunity to wear more than one at a time.

Affordable Jewelry Online

I have come to discover a lot of affordable jewelry online. Shopping online is a great way to shop around without really having to physically shop around.  I know for me with three younger children it is difficult to take them from store to store without them getting really frustrated.  If you are looking for a specific style of jewelry, looking online may be a great option for you as well.