What is your take on T-shirts? Here are my nonsense ramblings for you to ponder.

  • Normal Every Day T-shirts: I for one, am not really a big fan of the normal, every day ones. the fit too snug, and the neck always feels like it is strangling me. I do, however, LOVE the way these look on my boys especially with a pocket. I also love the way they fit on my husband. You know the kind, the ones that fit all snug across the chest and let the muscles peep through.
  • V-Neck T-Shirts: I like V-necks mostly when I was nursing. It just gave me that extra pop! Now that I have weaned though, my pop is gone and is in need of a “pop-lift” LOL
  • Over-sized Husband Shirts: I think this is my favorite T-shirt for watching movies late at night, relaxing with a bag of popcorn. When my husband is gone, I will sit around in his T-shirts to make me feel a little closer to him.
  • Custom T-shirts: These shirts are always fun.  When I was a kid, my sister and I always had big sister, little sister shirts and now my boys have big brother, little brother shirts. We always get customized T-shirts for our family reunions too. Now that I am going to BlogHer, I notice a lot of organizations use custom T-shirts as a way to show off their brand. Do I see a BSMB or Makobi Scribe shirt in the making?
  • Baby Tees: Oh I wish my flabby arms would still look cute wearing these. I curse you gravity and fattening, yummy food!
  • Polo T-shirts: You know the type with the little horse or the lizard. This used to say “preppy” in high school, and I am anything but “preppy” so I still have a built-in high school aversion to these!!
What is your favorite shirt?