Take Out Menu Organizer Knock Knock

I have always wanted a neat and efficient way to store my take out menus and the Knock Knock Take Out Menu Organizer is the perfect solution.  As a busy working mom of two, I sometimes find myself serving a freshly cooked take out meal instead of something I made myself.  I don’t always have time to prepare a hot meal but also want to make sure that family is getting a nice fulfilling meal.  I have stacks of take out menus that I ironically store with  my recipes.  Its not always an easy task pulling them out and searching for the one menu that I am looking for.  Now that I have the Take Out Menu Organizer by Knock Knock, they will always be organized and easy to find.

Take Out Menu Organizer Book

The Take Out Menu Organizer Book from Knock Knock is perfect for anyone who has an assortment of take out menus that need a permanent home!  The modern-day menu box is the all-in-one organizer for those nights when cooking is not an option.  The organizer book is a vibrant bright orange and is 8.25 in x 10 in so its large enough to hold all you need but convenient and small enough to keep anywhere in your kitchen.  I love how the organizer has a three ring binder inside and also a zipper so it keeps everything from falling out!  It comes with 5 brightly colored folders inside for organizing the menus according to cuisine.  It even comes with cuisine organizer labels with everything from frequently called to Japanese and Greek!  There are also thumbs up and thumbs down stickers so you can remember what restaurants you enjoyed ordering from.  There is an area to list frequently called numbers so you can keep your favorites restaurant’s phone numbers handy.  One of my favorite parts of the Take Out Menu Organizer is the 40 sheet pad of “May I take your Order?” where you can write down where you are ordering from, your food order as well as the price and what time you ordered.  What a great way to keep track of dinner, especially when someone else may be picking it up for you!   The Take Out Menu Organizer retails for $22 and makes a great birthday or hostess gift!

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