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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina®. All opinions are 100% mine. I have been making a lot of changes in my life so I am leading a healthier lifestyle. I know if I eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep, I have a better quality of life. I also try to spend time with friends and family doing some of the things I love. Studies have shown when you enjoy life, you may actually live longer. When we concentrate on taking care of ourselves and being more healthy, do we do the same for our pets? Our pets are a huge part of our lives and bring so much joy, like this gorgeous guy named Charlie. I cannot imagine life without this frisky and lovable dog and I am sure the feeling is mutual!

park puppy

We take Charlie to the park as often as we can to make sure he gets enough exercise. This is good for him as well as for us. a happy pet is a healthy pet Charlie has such a great personality, everyone loves to be around him! He is a confidant, a friend and is always there when I need a sloppy kiss to cheer me up! We also make sure Charlie gets the right food so he will live a long and healthy life. A balanced diet with the right foods can give your pet energy, strong teeth and bones, and a shiny coat. When it comes to feeding Charlie the right food, we trust Purina®.


When it comes to saving money on our Purina® dog food, we trust Sam’s Club. Because our pets bring us so much joy and happiness, Sam’s club wants to help us to do the same for our pets. With the Purina® and Sam’s Club are hosting the Paws 4 Life Pledge, you can assure your pet you are there for them. This pledge is a commitment to provide your pet a healthier lifestyle. This pledge is free and only takes a few moments to agree to. You can also share on Twitter and Facebook to encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same for their fur babies.


When you visit the Sam’s Club webpage to take the pledge, there is a lot of great information for you as well. There are articles on the benefits of having a dog, why cats are good for children and how pets can improve your mood and relieve stress. I know if I have had a rough day, Charlie knows it and he is ready to make me feel better. Just having him sit next to me with his head in my lap can melt all that stress away. You can also join the Purina® online community as well as get information on donating time and supplies to a local shelter. Be sure to trust your pets prescription needs with the Sam’s Club pharmacy because it is not just for us humans!

I took the Paws4Life pledge for Charlie. Have you taken it for your pet?

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