Taking Better Selfies

Lots of people are doing it, but not everyone knows how to do it right.  Are you doing it correctly? I am talking about selfies and they are about as mainstream as apple pie and hot dogs on the fourth of July. Almost a million selfies are taken across the globe on a daily basis. I am pretty sure you would be hard pressed to find any friends phones which did not have at least one selfie on it. The problem is many people do not know how to take a good selfie and they end up looking terrible! I know when I take a selfie, I end up looking like I am a turtle caught on a windy day with a surprised look on her face. If you love the idea of the selfie but have no idea how to do it well, try these tips!

5 Tips To Taking A Better Selfie Pin

5 Tips To Taking A Better Selfie

  1. Check Yourself: Before you hit that button, check yourself before you wreck yourself! If you do not have a mirror handy to check for flyaway hair and smeared makeup, just look at yourself in the phone before you click that button!
  2. Check Your Lighting: If you are in an area with poor lighting, you are going to have a poor selfie. The same rules you would use to get a good picture on your camera, apply to a selfie. Get outdoors if you can or get near non-fluorescent lighting if possible.
  3. Check The Background: Before you take that selfie, make sure you look to see what is behind you. If you have a yard with a bunch of toys, a messy room with piles of laundry or a lot of traffic behind you, MOVE! Look for a plain wall, a nice textured curtain or an interesting backdrop like brick or a pretty piece of artwork.
  4. Check Your Movement: If you have people moving around you or you are on a moving surface, you will have a blurry selfie. Get a steady hand and clear the movement around you before you are ready to take that picture.
  5. Check Your Equipment: If you are going to take a selfie, make sure you use a phone with a nice camera. I have a Samsung Galaxy and I love it. My daughter has an iPhone 5 and she has a fantastic camera on her phone. If you are able, check into any cool gadgets available to make taking better selfies easier. For me, this is hands down, the new and exciting selfy™ Ecosystem from iLuv.


I am a huge fan of iLuv as evidenced by the many reviews I have done, including “How To Wake Up Your Teenager” and “Top Five Wireless Devices For Your Home.” I was honored to be among the first bloggers to get their hands on this amazingly cool piece of genius from iLuv! If you love to take selfies, or any pictures for that matter, you are going to fall head over heels in love with the selfy™ Ecosystem from iLuv. The selfy™ Ecosystem is a phone case for your iPhone 5/S5 or Galaxy S5 with a removable wireless remote shutter for your camera. This innovative product is the first of its kind in the world and you can own it for just $50! Now you do not need to hold your camera and get that awkward angle when you take a selfie! Woot!

The selfy™ case is fashionable yet durable and is made with a dual-layer, shock-absorbent design to protect your phone. The selfy™ works from several feet away, so you can fit whoever or whatever you want into your photo. Like I said; the selfy™ not only changes the way you take selfies, but how you take pictures in general.  The remote shutter is located in the back of the case and removes easily, taking those selfies to a whole new level. What the iLuv selfy™ does is gives you the freedom to take the quality pictures you want but just cannot quite get with a traditional camera. The selfy™ works via Bluetooth®, needs no app and the case can also work with a complete ecosystem of accessories from iLuv. When the selfy™ remote is out of the case, you can use one of four accessories that easily slides in its place. You can use the mini tripod, a bar mount, a car windshield mount or a helmet mount. These accessories enable you to take action shots of yourself or a group without a timer or a lot of bulky equipment. The mounts in the selfy™ ecosystem run between $20 and $25 and are available on the iLuv website and select retailers.

Here is a video to better show you what I am trying to put into words! By the end of this video, you are going to want a selfy™ for yourself, for your friends, family and anyone else you can find! I am already giving these for birthday and Christmas gifts this year!

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How would using the selfy™ from iLuv change the way you take selfies?