Are you looking for some fresh ideas about tattoos to express your sexuality? Then you are at the right place and time to find them here. There are many tattoos, which exist nowadays, but we’d rather suggest you choose the phoenix bird tattoo. Why? Because, besides, you might be shocked about the fact that the meaning of a cool phoenix bird tattoo is very cool.

Let’s look into the history of the ancient Greeks. These people truly believed that the Phoenix bird is the one, which lives for 500 years. When it actually dies, it resurrects from the ashes and is reborn for the next half a century.

Ancient Egyptian mythology states that Phoenix birds not only resurrect from their ashes but also bring these ashes to the city of the sun, called Heliopolis. So, these miraculous creatures are quite mystical, aren’t they?

In Chinese mythology, these creatures are associated with grace and kindness.

If you are not afraid of putting such a tattoo on your body, you’d rather be aware of its meaning:

  • Immortality

This tattoo means that the soul and the body are immortal and life continues forever. That means that the spirit is eternal.

  • Rebirth

A person who owns this tattoo has to believe that he or she will be reborn.

  • Kindness

The bearer of Phoenix tattoo must be a really kind and gracious person.

  • Prosperity and reliability

Also, it is believed that each part of Phoenix body represents different things. For example, its head stays for reliability, body represents kindness, and wings are associated with prosperity.

So, are you ready to see the examples of these cool tattoos for your inspiration? Here we go:


Hope you’ve got inspired by theses tattoo ideas and even might choose the one for you!