Games For Kids Who Have Everything

We’re all aware of the benefits regular play sessions can offer a child. It helps them learn about their environment, themselves and the different types of people that surround them every day.

That’s why regular parent and child play is incredibly important as it helps to strengthen the bonds between you and your kids as you spend a few hours each day having fun and bonding.

However we all can’t afford to get the latest games and toys for our kids. That’s why a lot of parents are turning to making their own games from home to keep their little kiddies entertained with.

Not only is it budget friendly but if you include the kids in the crafting process it can have a wealth of benefits on them as well. Their creativity will increase and they’ll feel more self-confident as you’ve given them their own project to work on, with your supervision of course.

For starters you could make a bingo based game. You could either use some of your child’s favorite cartoon characters or things around the garden to encourage them to go outside. One method that’s quite popular with schools and is easily applicable for around the home is Recycling Bingo.

How this works is you create a card with nine squares on it and inside each square you place an easily recognizable recyclable item. You then give the cards to your children and the aim of the game is the first to fill up their nine cards with nine of those recyclable items from household items wins.

Not only does promote sibling rivalry but it also encourages your kids to be more environmentally aware as they’ll then know what items can be recycled in future.

You can also apply bingo for teaching your kids, for example helping them to learn multiplication tables or correct grammar. Like the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, which is something adults can still get wrong.

It’s not only bingo games you can make and play with kids. For example you could create a jigsaw puzzle by using old photos or pages from an old picture book your kids like.

It’s a simple little creation that only requires you to glue the image onto some cardboard, draw on a few puzzle shapes, the sizes of which varying depending how difficult you want the puzzle to be. Then you just cut out the shapes. You could get your kids to choose the picture and glue it onto the cardboard and cut it out.

One of the best things about using a picture puzzle is that if you use an old family picture for the puzzle you could then dig it out when your kids are older and remind them what they were like as a child. It would be a nice piece of nostalgia that they could then share with their kids someday.

Another option is to create a fun pattern matching game, this would work in the same way as your standard game of snap, only instead of matching suits or hands of proper cards, you could get the children to draw their own pictures and match those instead.

For example you could choose something like animals and have them each draw two or more of a set number of different types of animals across several sheets of paper. After the kids have drawn the pictures you then have them cut them up into squares or circles to be quickly sorted in your makeshift card deck.

Once you’ve got your set of cards you then play a normal game of snap where the kids have to try and match the animals they’ve drawn. This game is a great choice for kids as it encourages creativity and pride in their work as letting them design their own cards allows them to add that personal touch to their game.

If your kids aren’t fond of animals then that’s fine as this game works with pretty much any topic as all it requires is for the kids to match a pair of something so you can cater it to the majority of tastes.

So the next time you’re looking for something fun to play with your kids, why not try a few of the above examples to keep your young ones entertained for hours on end.