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Recently, I was thinking about how some gadgets we use have dummied us down a bit. My daughter, who is a sophomore in high school, was allowed to use a calculator on her math final last year. I could not believe it! We had to do everything long hand when I was in school, but that is not the case any longer. The other item we rely on several times a day is a watch or a clock. With these items being digital now, we do not even need to know how to tell time anymore. Although they still teach kids to tell time in school, when they get home, they often just read a digital clock out of habit. I feel it is important to have our kids know how to tell time, so I wanted to share a few tips to get your child up to speed.

Teaching Kids To Tell Time In 5 Steps Pin

Teaching Kids To Tell Time In 5 Steps

  1. Make It Fun: As with most tasks we are teaching kids, making it fun helps them learn. I know with my kids, when I make something a game, they are more attentive and tend to retain more information. When teaching Henry to learn to tell time, we would play games on the tablet or computer, which helped a lot.
  2. Make It Connect: One of the biggest steps when you want to tech kids to tell time is make it connect for them. They should see how time has meaning and is more then just about reading a clock. Using timers, stop watches and other tools can help bring it all together for them. This helps them learn about increments of time, which is an integral part of of their learning this task.
  3. Learn Their Numbers: Because telling time is all about numbers, kids need to know how to count from 1 to 60. Once they are comfortable with that, move to counting by increments of 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45. To make this more fun, we used colored straws which represented different numbers, like 5’s, 10’s and so on. This helped him count in these increments much faster.
  4. Learn The Digital: Because digital clocks are everywhere, part of teaching kids to tell time needs to include reading a digital clock. This was more difficult for Henry to grasp than I had anticipated.
  5. Get Them A Watch: It is fine to use clocks when teaching kids to tell time, but they need a watch as well. For Henry, I wanted to find a watch that was fun to wear but also had an old school face. I found the prefect watch with the mix and match scented watches from Moffett Watch.

Moffett Watch

Because Henry has special needs, we have decided to home school him. There are some subjects he has struggled with due to his autism and he has been delayed in learning them. He did not learn to tie his shoes until he was 11 and he is just learning to tell time. For some reason, this concept has just been very difficult for him to grasp. I knew if I could find a watch that was fun for him to play with, he would want to stick with it. Luckily, the innovative and clever design of the mix and match scented watches from Moffett Watch, Henry is mesmerized! We received the Moffett watch starter pack in black currant and candy apple, which retails on the Moffett Watch website for $25. We were also sent two mix and match packs, the coconut and the candy apple, each selling for $13.

The starter pack comes with the interchangeable black watch strap and case and the 2 interchangeable bezels. The watch has a quartz movement with a stainless steel back. The watch is nice and sturdy in the construction, so you know it will hold up to a kids being a bit rough and tumble. The interchangeable bezels are quite easy to change out, so Henry was able to do this without any help from me at all. We just love these watches and although he is not quite there on the entire time telling thing, he has kept with it. I think a large reason for that is his wanting to wear his watch and his desire to want to be able to tell time, not only for himself, but for others as well. He is ust dying for someone to ask him what time it is and to be able to give them a correct answer. Give him a bit more time and he will be happy to tell you what time it is!!! One USA reader will win a starter pack and 2 mix and match packs in their choice of color/scent ARV $51.

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How old was your child when you started to tech them to tell time?


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