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Teaching Kids About Nutrition Through Skype #WindowsChampion

It is amazing how many things we have been able to accomplish through technology. With computers and all of the features they come with now, we are able to reach across oceans to people in other countries. By using programs like Skype, we can communicate with loved ones over seas or we can use it for teaching kids about nutrition. If you are not familiar with Skype, here is a brief summary of the cool program. You can Skype with anyone who also has a Skype account, the download is free and takes just a minute or two. You can Skype from your computer, smartphone or tablet as long as you have a webcam, a microphone and speakers or you have a headset. You can not only see and talk to fellow Skype folk, you can also instant message as well as share files. For a small fee, you can also call mobile and landline phones worldwide, text message and can video group call with up to 10 people.

Teaching Kids About Nutrition

In August, Gail Simmons from Top Chef fame, used Skype for Outlook.com to spread the word about good nutrition for children. Gail works with a wonderful charity called Common Threads, which is an organization that works to teach kids about healthy eating habits. As part of the Windows Champion program, a contest was held to encourage people to submit their favorite healthy recipes. From the many submissions, Gail and some of the kids from Common Threads demonstrate the winning recipe, Turkey Taco Nachos via Skype. This was done through their Outlook.com email with Amy Wisniewski who is the Food Editor of Chow.com. This is a perfect example of how easy it is to share pertinent information, like showing others how to cook a recipe by using Skype for Outlook.com. Be sure to read Gail’s tweet as well as the video of the award winning recipe.

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