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Five Holiday Tech Gifts For Music Lovers

I just love Christmas! I love how it somehow magically changes people into little elves who go on secret missions to shop for friends and loved ones. It is one time of the year my husband actually does not mind going out to shop with me. I am not sure if it is because he enjoys buying things for the kids or he wants to keep a close watch on my spending. Probably a little both! Buying for my kids is super easy because they have such distinct personalities when it comes to what they enjoy. Henry is a gamer through and through while Caitlin is a huge nerd who loves music! I wanted to get her some gifts this year that were not the same old ho hum expected present under the tree. Here are 5 cool gifts for my music loving nerdy girl:

5 Tech Gifts For The Geek Who Loves Music

  1. iTunes Git Card: My daughter loves to download music, so an iTunes gift card would be gobbled up pretty quickly!
  2. DJ Adapter: This cool product plugs into your iPhone and has you spinning,sampling, remixing, and previewing tracks and sick beats using the free iOS app.
  3. Turntable: If you are a true music enthusiast, you have surely listened to your music on an LP. Honestly, it is still the best way to hear all the nuances of the riffs, melodies and beats. Get your music lover a turntable and a handful of classics on vinyl and they will thank you.
  4. Record Clock: Speaking of vinyl, a re-purposed LP is a very cool gift to give. You can find them made into clocks, bowls, picture frames and a ton of other interesting items.
  5. Wireless Speaker: Caitlin does not go anywhere without her music. She usually listens to it streamed from her iPhone into her headphones. When she is in her room, or the shower for that matter, she still wants to hear her favorite bands. A good wireless speaker, like the Mira from Braven, allows her to hear her fav tunes at the crystal clear quality she demands!

When I tell you Caitlin takes her music with her no matter where she goes, I am not exaggerating. It drives her Dad crazy too! It does not matter if we are going to the mailbox or to Atlanta to see her sister; she’s gotta have it! She really does love to sing in the shower, but then again, who doesn’t, right? I think our inner rock star naturally comes out once that water starts to flow! With the Mira from Braven, she can listen to her music in the car, her room, in the hammock out back or yes, in the shower. The Mira is just one of the amazing products from Brave who is a leader in the industry. Braven was started in Provo, Utah in 2011 and quickly rose in the ranks with their premium Bluetooth hi-fidelity audio products.

They have won several awards with the Braven products, combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional style. The Mira sells for $100 and comes in silver, black, blue, red and pink. It is lightweight, compact and has a handy hook to hang in the shower, from a tree, or wherever you happen to be. You can download the free Mira™ App and stream your favorite songs, create playlists and control your speaker. It offers 10 hours of wireless Bluetooth® audio, can take hands free calls from your smartphone, is waterproof and comes with pre-installed ambient sounds. If you have a music lover on your Christmas list, this is a must have they will love you for! Braven also offers a wide range of audio products for listening both indoors and out. Be sure to stay connected with Braven on Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. One USA reader will win one Mira waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Braven, ARV $100.

Which of the Braven tech gifts for music lovers would you choose this holiday season?

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