Tee Shirts For Kids

Tee Shirts For Children

With summer just around the corner, it is time to find tee shirts for children to play in.  Nothing says “summer’s here” like the kids summer uniform; tee shirt, shorts and sneakers.  When I was a kid, this was my favorite thing to wear and it has been for all three of the kids.  Who am I kidding?  It is still my favorite thing to wear!  What other piece of clothing can be as versatile as a good tee shirt?  You can get away with wearing one just about anywhere.  Wear it outside to play, your neighbor’s kids birthday party or on errand with mom.  There is nothing else like it! I guess it is the child version of the little black dress or white button down in mom and dad’s closet.

Orangeheat is a great company out of Venice, CA whose only product is awesome tee shirts for kid’s ages newborn to 6.  Yep, that’s it!  Just shirts.  Nothing Else.  When a company is making only one thing, it better be good huh?  Well, trust me they are!  When I picture Venice, I picture all the cool people hanging out on the beach, any show or movie I have ever seen with Venice as the backdrop, all the people look relaxed yet edgy and cool.  What kid doesn’t want to feel like they are a surfer kids from California?  I like the statement one the homepage of orangeheat; every snowflake is different and so is every one of our kids.  Enough said!!

Fun Graphic Tees

I love the fun graphic tees from orangeheat! The creators of orangeheat proclaim: “From the world of robots and dogs bound for space comes a modern and fun apparel line that lets your child’s unique character shine thru”.  I was given the robot graphic tee (retail $19) and it is the cutest shirt!  It makes a pretty bold statement with the large robot on the shirt!  I hate getting a shirt and the graphic is really small and you need to squint to see it!  Not with the orangeheat tees.  You can see them coming from down the street!  The shirt is so well made and it took a beating, let me tell you!  Since my kids are older, I gave the shirt to our neighbor.  Now let me tell you…the boy is 5 and he is a pistol!  I called him over and asked if he would like to have a cool robot shirt and he said yes.  I took it from behind my back and when he saw it, he snatched that shirt from me and put it on right there in the yard!!  I don’t know how you can get better advertising than that!! Oh, and even better is shipping is always $5, so save money and buy two!!

One winner will receive one shirt of their choice, from infant to 6, (retailing from $19-$28)

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