Teen Acne

Have you ever struggled with acne as a teen? My older brother, has always been a pretty tough guy. He was on ROTC, was a wrestler and could pretty much kick your butt in about two seconds flat. This is also a guy who had really bad acne in high school. This was not a few pimples here and there, but when he had a breakout, it was all over his face, neck and back. It was awful. I remember him turning down invitations to dances and other school events because he was so embarrassed by these horrible breakouts. I also remember him trying all kinds of home remedies to tame his acne, but most of theme were bull hockey. My oldest daughter struggled with mild acne and at the age of 27, she still suffers from the occasional break up. If you, or someone you know has issues with teen acne, here are some tips to help you get it under control:

5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Teen Acne

5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Teen Acne

  1. Hands Off: I know when I have an occasional breakout, I want to pick it, scratch it and pop it. This is the worst thin you can do because all you are doing is spreading bacteria and causes scars.
  2. Wash It: When it comes to washing the affected areas, you want to right product. Do not use regular soap as it can dry your face. Instead, use a wash that is oil-free, which will get rid of the oil as well as the bacteria. If you can find a wash with tea tea tree oil and charcoal, you want to grab that up. Activated charcoal attracts toxins and brings them out of your skin like a super powerful magnet.
  3. Make-Up: If you can avoid wearing make-up, do it. Most make-up, especially foundations and powders, keep your pores closed and the bacteria under your skin. If you are going to wear make-up, choose an oil free option which will keep your skin in better shape.
  4. Eat Garlic: Believe it or not, garlic has been found to be a natural way to keep acne at a minimum. Studies have found garlic to be key in ridding your body of toxins. Yes, those same toxins that have been known to cause acne.
  5. Use A Hand-held Facial Brush: These hand little machines can loosen up clogged pores while getting rid of oil and bacteria on your skin. I prefer the Soniclear anti-microbial skin care cleansing system from Michael Todd.


Because home remedies cannot clear up your acne on their own, you need something that gives them a boost. Remember, breakouts happen in part due to genetics and hormones. This means you need a treatment that will get to the root of the problem and give you effective results. With the Soniclear anti-microbial skin care cleansing system from Michael Todd, you get a turbo boost to your regular skin care routine. On top of giving your skin the best cleaning it has ever had, the Soniclear also enables better absorption of your skincare products to provide better cleansing than with just your hands. The Soniclear system, which sells for $150, will leave your skin in the best shape of its life. The kit comes with the Soniclear compnent, the charging base and cord as well as the body brush, which would sell for $25 if purchased separately.

I also have the hard shell travel case, which sells for $25 and the Body Brush extension arm which also sells for $25. In addition to the Soniclear system, I would highly recommend the cleansers, washes and scrubs from Michael Todd. This line of products are made in the USA and have no parabens, artificial color, fragrance or other potentially harmful additives and are not tested on animals. Because they are sulfate-free, you will not get tears if you accidentally get them in your eyes. Their Charcoal Detox Cleanser, which sells for $23, has the charcoal and tea tree oil which was listed in the tips above to help you get your acne under control! Michael Todd also has a huge line of products including masks and peels, facial towelettes, SPF sun protection, and moisturizers as well as lip and eye care. Be sure to stay connected and follow Michael Todd on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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