Tell Them You Care: Three Reward Ideas For A Job Well Done

Being a mom can be quite challenging but is one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever have. When I was raising my oldest daughter, I remember wondering if I was ever going to get this parenting thing right! It is such a joy to see her at the age of 26, living on her own and seeing the beautiful and well-rounded woman she has become. I must admit, there are times I look at her and think to myself I have done a pretty great job parenting her! Now I have the opportunity to do it all over again with Caitlin, who just turned 15. I have been pretty lucky with Caitlin so far as she is on the road to becoming the same wonderful person like her sister. She is in a school for gifted kids, she plays the violin, she has a few close friends and she still thinks boys are kind of dumb! But, she is also a typical teen and she needs prompting to do her homework, keep her room clean, help with the house and other chores. I found a reward system works best for Caitlin, so I have instituted program to encourage her. Here are just a few ideas I have used that work for us:

Three Reward Ideas For A Job Well Done

  1. Activity: Many kids love to go to the movies, roller skating or hit a few golf balls at the driving range. These are great rewards for completing a task or set of tasks. My kids both enjoy spending time at a local nature center and learning to take pictures with my camera. If they have completed their chores at the end of the week, I will take them down there for a few hours.
  2. Treats: My kids and I have an uber sweet tooth, so a trip to the ice cream or yogurt shop is always a winner. We especially love the yogurt shop because we can pile on our favorite toppings!
  3. Gifts: The biggest winner in our house is to offer the kids something they really want to get their chores done. For Henry it is game and for Caitlin, it is jewelry. Since she has entered high school, this has been an obsession for her. My favorite place to buy unique and beautiful jewelry is Classic Hardware.

Reward Ideas To Tell Them You Care

Reward Ideas To Tell Them You Care

If you are looking for classic jewelry that is unique with a vintage feel, Classic Hardware is the place for you. Karen Cantor, owner, designer, artist and creator has an eye that loves vintage mixed with a little post industrial, Art Nouveau and Deco and a bit of DaDaism. When you see Karen’s work, you will not be surprised to learn her start was as a teen with the 80’s punk scene, which is where my heart lies as well. She would take items like rosary beads or fishing lures an repurpose them into unusual statement pieces. I have been a fan of Classic Hardware since I first worked in a review with Karen several months ago. This time around I chose two pieces I knew Caitlin would be thrilled to receive for a job well done. If you are looking for reward ideas to tell them you care, the jewelry from Classic Hardware works in my family!

I was sent the Baroque Initial Necklace in black with the initial “C”, which sells for $45 on the Classic Hardware website. Caitlin loves personalized jewelry, so this was like a win-win for me. I decided to save this piece for Christmas because I knew it would be something she would just scream over! The other item I chose, which she earned for bringing up her grades in school was the Oval Locket Rockware Charm Bracelet, which you can purchase for $32 on the website. This adorable charm has her favorite colors and the scissors and thread and needle just spoke to me. I sew and am teaching Caitlin the craft and the objects represented that to me.  As usual, I was completely satisfied with my items from Classic Hardware and if you are looking for the perfect gift, you will be as well!

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  1. I really like the initial necklace that is the prize today, but of the others I would love to have the Wildlife cats bracelet.

  2. THIS!!! I want THIS !!! THE BAROQUE INITIAL NECKLACE! It is absolutely stunning and it is me in a nutshell!! this is…breathtaking. I noticed the “C” because its my maiden name and I wear that initial all the time. this piece is inspirational

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