This blog post is sponsored by VTech. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. My boys have a million stories. They usually change every time they are told, with the bugs getting bigger and the bikes going faster every time. All that changed when we got the new VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam. Now the rule has become “pictures or it didn’t happen”. They’re all over it, taking pictures and video of a full day’s adventures. Here are just a few of the enthralling stories their blossoming directorial careers have produced so far:

VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam

Our VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam Stories:

VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam

Ultra Close Selfies: You can’t just hand a child a camera and expect him to be the next Steven Spielberg. There are subtle nuances to framing and lighting which can only be gained through experience or by watching YouTube tutorials. That being said, they seem to be secretly taking correspondence courses from the Three Stooges Academy of Slapstick and Facial Mimicry. This is a fine example of the ultra-close selfie. Caution: This angle requires impeccable attention to nasal hygiene detail.

VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam

  • The Feet: The natural companion to the ultra-close selfie, the other end of every child’s universe, those far away neighbors, the feet. They never get touched in the shower, but now they’re in more pictures than Angelina Jolie. I can’t think of anything positive to say about this except that the feet tend to stay still for the photo, so they come out crisp and clear.

VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam

  • The Miraculously Good Photo: I don’t know how it happens. There’s no rhyme or reason. It does happen, though. You’re flipping through the photos and there’s one that’s inspired. The right frame, the right lighting, and usually a nice big smile on a kid’s face. That’s always a winner.

My boys like an easy-to-use camera that lets them capture their surroundings in so many ways. Whether they’re out on the bikes, in the garden or at the pool – no tale is too tall for the VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam! It comes with a bunch of cool frames and filters to keep the pictures and video exciting. It has a 1.4 inch color LCD screen which their perfect child eyes see fine.

VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam

The battery charges whenever you plug in the micro USB cable for data transfer, and a microSD card expands memory up to 32GB. (Sold separately). For more information, you can check out VTech on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. This camera is soooo cool. My son loves cameras he would enjoy having his own. Will definitely be looking at this for his birthday.

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