Ten Reasons To Visit Wonderworks Pigeon Forge

I am a huge science nerd and so are both of my kids. One of my favorite classes in school was biology because I loved all the hands on experiments. It was no big surprise to anyone when I decided to go to nursing school! I could not get enough off all the cool things I was able to do and learn about. My kids are the same way and Henry is always excited when we do science experiments for home school. When I was looking for something fun for the whole family, Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, TN was a no brainer!

Daddy & Henry Playing Basketball

If you are not familiar with the story of how Wonderworks landed in Pigeon Forge, it is quite an interesting tale! You see, Dr. Wonder was a great scientist who was asked to create a man-made tornado and harness its great power. During the experiment, something went terribly wrong and the tornado was let lose through the laboratory. This amazingly powerful vortex ripped the laboratory from its very foundation and it landed upside-down on the top of a theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Remarkably, all of Dr. Wonder’s experiments remained intact and functional so everyone from far and near could come to Pigeon Forge to experience them. Although there are about 100 reasons we love Wonderworks, I am going to show you just our top favorites to entice you to come and visit!

10 Reasons You Will Love Wonderworks Pigeon Forge TN

10 Reasons You Will Love Wonderworks Pigeon Forge TN

  1. The Inversion Tunnel: In order to step into the lab and participate in the experiments, you must enter through the inversion tunnel. Caitlin and I could not wait to enter through this uber cool looking entry way. It is painted with black light paint and the tunnel seems to be spinning while you are going through it. Of course this is just an illusion, but you do not know this until you have stepped through this wacky and wild entrance!Inversion Tunnel
  2. Family Fun: This entire venue is wrapped around the concept of family fun. With Wonderworks, there are many activities everyone in the family can take turns trying out. One of the favorite experiments for Caitlin and my husband was the Lightening Coil. You could see the electricity flowing between them!Lightening Coil
  3. Hair Raising Experiments: Caitlin and I could not wait to try out the Hurricane Shack and the Earthquake Cafe. We have been studying natural disasters in home school, so this was perfect for us to learn about. The Hurricane Shack lets you experience up to 71 MPH winds while the Earthquake Cafe allows participants to feel what an earthquake of 5.3 on the Richter scale is like.Hurricane Shack
  4. Facing Your Fears: Caitlin has a huge fear of heights and she faced her fears on the Rock Climbing Wall and the Ropes Challenge Course. I was super proud of her trying new things she would not have done before.Ropes Challenge Course
  5. Explore Outer Space: Henry is super interested in outer space, the space shuttle, rocket ships and would love to be an astronaut. It was so cool to see an entire section filled with simulators which show you what it is like to fly a plane, see the inside of a shuttle and be an astronaut for a few minutes and so much more! This is an area we went back to 3 times before we finally had to drag the kids out of there!Henry The Astronaut
  6. Show Your Artistic Side: My kids love art and we do a lot of crafts at home. Henry was completely fascinated with the Wonder Brite wall where he crated a smiley face which he said “showed how happy his heart was to be at Wonderworks with his family!” I love that tongue sticking out which shows how hard he is concentrating!Wonder Brite
  7. How Big Is That Bubble?: One of the coolest areas the kids could not get enough of was the Bubble Lab. You can create small, medium, large and gigantic bubbles as well as a bubble sheet. You can see the myriad of colors reflected in the bubbles which mesmerized Henry. We spent about an hour in this room alone!Bubble Lab
  8. This Is Xtreme: One of the things Caitlin wanted to try very much was the Xtreme 360 bike. The faster you peddle, the more power you generate to make you go a full 360 revolution. Oh my goodness I have never laughed so hard as I did watching her have so much fun on this exciting ride. She went on this one 4 times before I made her leave! I guess that fear of heights really disappeared!Xtreme360
  9. Physical Challenge: This was an area we all enjoyed because we got to test the power of our body. Caitlin and I had a big laugh on the Bed of Nails where she laid on 3,500 nails! Chris and Henry enjoyed the Wonder Wall which allows you to create a 3D image of your body on a wall of 40,000 plastic pins. Who knew you could create so many shapes and crazy poses!Bed Of Nails
  10. Is My Mind Playing Tricks On Me?: One of our favorite areas was the Illusions Gallery. There were so many different pieces of artwork and paintings to play tricks on your eyes and your mind. On this particular painting, are you looking at the top or the bottom of the floor?

If you plan to visit Wonderworks, there are locations in Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge, Orlando and Panama City, FL, and Syracuse and West Nyack, NY. With over 100 hands on experiments, you can plan on spending an entire day enjoying the facility. You are able to come and go throughout the day, so you can explore a portion of Wonderworks, have lunch and go back and finish exploring for the rest of the afternoon! We spent about 6 hours while we visited Wonderworks and we could have easily spent several more. We are looking forward to going back again very soon! You can purchase individual tickets or you can upgrade to a combo package and stay for the #1 magic show in the Smokies, presented by Terry Evanswood, an award winning entertainer and play a game of Lazer tag as well. Be sure to follow Wonderworks on Twitter and Pinterest.

100 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 868-1800
Opens at 10 AM 365 days a year

Adults: $23.99, add Magic Show and 1 game of Lazer Tag for a total $37.99
Children 4-12: $14.99 and $29.99 for the Magic Show and 1 game of Lazer Tag
Children under 3: Free


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