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France has the baguette, Belgium has it’s chocolate and Italy claims pasta. Now that the United States is ready to pick a national food, let me introduce my friend, the steak. Of course steak is a perfect choice for the great American plate. Celebrating their “Bold at Steak” campaign, Outback Steakhouse is launching a nationwide petition to make steak the very first official food. Here are some reasons why it should be considered.

Is There A Best Steak At Outback?

  1. The Ribeye– Also know as the Delmonico, this cut of steak is deliciously marbled and contains the greatest flavor in the history of flavor. This is my favorite to cook at home. I inject the meat with creole butter flavoring before grilling it on high heat for four minutes on each side. A little smudge of cheese spread slightly melted on the top is never a bad idea either.
  2. The Prime Rib– I cannot walk into an Outback Steakhouse without ordering a monster prime rib. Dipped in au jus and horseradish sauce, I usually try to fill up on Bloomin Onions, salad, and bread so I can slowly eat my prime rib leftovers for a week. It only gets better.
  3. The Porterhouse– When you just can’t decide what to do with your life, don’t. One side of moist filet mignon paired with a lean New York strip is sometimes just the only option. There’s no reason to have to decide which one is better. It just doesn’t matter.
  4. The Filet Portobello– This newcomer to the lineup is here to make some noise. Enjoy Parmesan cheese over a fresh slice of warm mushroom and a juicy filet cooked just the way you like it.

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As part of their “Bold at Steak” campaign, Outback will be unveiling some core menu innovations and a new menu design geared to help you pick out the steak that’s perfect. The new menu highlights Outback’s two grilling styles and come with the chef’s recommendations on how steaks should be prepared. With eight cuts to chose, you can get it seasoned or seared with a secret blend of seventeen spices on the flattop or the wood fired grill. You can see why it’s impossible to pick the 4 best steaks at Outback.

In addition to their great steaks (which you can have anyway you want of course) Outback is unveiling some excellent new side dishes like Steakhouse Mac and Cheese, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli and Cheese and Parmesan Fries.

Outback Steakhouse is urging fellow steak lovers to rally behind the cause and sign the petition to make steak the first official food of the U.S. Follow Outback on Twitter and Facebook. Remember all the good times you’ve had with steak over the years. It’s time to say thank you for everything by choosing steak as the first ever national food of the United States.

Are you hungry for the Outback? Just sign the petition and enter t


  1. I would have signed petition but it was archived. I had a fajita at outback. I’ve baked their pumpernickel bread from scratch. It’s amazing! I would try the porterhouse steak and a new side if I won.

  2. outback is our default casual dining restaurant because everyone in the family can find something to enjoy

  3. This is such an awesome giveaway! My family loves Outback Steakhouse and I’m really excited about all the new menu items. Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. Leave a comment on the blog post below and tell me if you signed the petition.

    yes i signed it..thanks

  5. I signed it! My whole family loves steak :).

    Thank you for the chance, this will be used for a mommy and daddy dinner date! <3

  6. I signed the petition but not sure why it matters much. I mean the Michigan state bird is the robin and I dont feel a sense of pride everytime I see one.

  7. I think that’s a lousy idea. Our mostly overweight citizens of this country need a healthier national food.

  8. The post is very interesting about steaks from Outback. The ribeye sounds great to me. I did not sign the petition.

  9. The new side dishes, such as the maco & cheese look great. I would also try the Filet because that is really the only steak I like, and I have to have it butterflied so it can be cooked well done without burning it. I didn’t see the petition, so I didn’t sign it.

  10. I tried to sign! Everytime I hit the “sign now” button, nothing happened……. I was trying to become signature #449

  11. I signed and confirmed the petition! I firmly believe that most people know about The Outback, through the steak that they have enjoyed there! See how many people know what else is on the menu!?! lol

  12. No, I did not sign the petition. I do however love steak and would eat it 3 times a week if I could afford it

  13. I did not sign the petition because I don’t eat much steak, but I would love to go to Out Back and order the Bloomin Onion, cocoanut shrimp, and the Alice Springs chicken! I love their food!

  14. I didn’t sign the petition because though I LOVE steak, I think something like Apple Pie would make more sense as a statement from the White House.

  15. I like all the different steaks at Outback Steakhouse. I would like to try the new Filet Portobello Steak. The Steakhouse Mac & Cheese looks really good too. I did sign the petition.

  16. I didn’t sign the petition because although I agree with their logic and love me some steak. I think apple pie would be a more appropriate choice.

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