With a title like that you should expect greatness, and that is what I would classify this dog food masquerading as people food.  It was very impressive to my dog, Fenway, my cat, Drexil, and to my two toddlers!  It cracked me up when I saw right on the package labeled, “Food for Dogs” because you could honestly mistake it for people food.  Deli Fresh Pet not only looks yummy it has yummy ingredients that have less processing and no corn fillers.  I learned a long time ago that dogs do not digest corn, so I always steer away from the corn filler in my dog food.  Sometimes it is ingredient number one or two.  You know what happens when your pet eats food that has indigestible food in it?  MORE POOP!  Not my idea of a fun way to spend my outside time.  Deli Fresh is so fresh it arrived in a cooler packed with ice packs and needs to be refrigerated.  I also received cat food and Vital Dog Treats.  Drexil also loves his cat food they sent filled with chucks of fish and meats surrounded in gravy.  Silly boy hears the container of Fresh Pet products, and he moves so quick across the floor like a speeding baby bullet.  Fenway was never a big waiter for food.  He ate in the morning and he ate at night.  Now, he haunts the refrigerator!  Pretty funny.  Good thing I have a Pet Smart near me that carries this line of product!  My animals and kids are in love.

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These products were provided to me free of cost from the generosity of Fresh Pet; however, all opinions expressed here are solely my own.