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The Bedtime Book for Dogs – A Great Bedtime Book For Toddlers

Reading time for us is always a family affair so I found it fitting to come across The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield.  I had the opportunity to review this book and it was an instant hit.  Our dog, Shadow is an Australian Shepherd we have had him since we got married 8 years ago.  He was our first baby so to speak and when my first daughter, Isabella arrived 4 years ago he kinda lost his spot.  I have been really paranoid and haven’t wanted him around the kids unless we were right there to supervise.  So to have a book for dogs was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time.  The first night we were all in Isabella’s room on the floor, I read the book while Isabella showed Shadow the pictures (before this night he had never been allowed in her room).  He really liked the book, his ears stood at attention and he kept licking her…it was so funny.  She said “Shadow if you want me to read to you, you have to sit!”  I guess now she knows how I feel when she squirms around when I am trying to read.

Bedtime Stories For Kids

This book is one of the best bedtime stories for kids because the storyline is very basic, easy to understand and read (for children and dogs).  It’s a story about a dog who takes himself for a walk but misses his friend who usually walks with him, its just not as fun without his friend!  It is illustrated beautifully and the color scheme is very pleasing to the eye.  Having this book has brought us all closer, this bonding time between the kids and Shadow makes me so happy and relieves some of my apprehension I had with having him around them.  He literally is a shadow following the kids from room to room and sleeping at the foot of Isabella’s bed. I think he feels accepted and a real part of the family now that he has his own bedtime story each night.  He enjoys our family reading time as much as the kids and I do.  He knows it’s time when the kids get their pj’s on and brush their teeth that his story is coming because he goes right into Isabella’s room and waits for us.  Isabella reads the story to him each night and she is getting so much better with her reading because of it, its really sweet to see her reading to him and showing him the pictures (he still doesn’t sit the whole time, he likes to give her kisses…his way of saying thank you I am sure).  Who would have ever thought we would be reading books to the dog?  These are the moments that I will forever cherish!  Bravo Bruce Littlefield, for more from Bruce check out Shark Tales, Garage Sale America and Merry Christmas America!  You can purchase The Bedtime Book for Dogs for $15.99, what a wonderful gift for the dog lover in your life!  Check him out on Facebook!
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