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Have been been feeling extra sluggish lately? Maybe you have put on a few pounds around the middle? It might be time to consider going on a Fit Tea Detox diet. A detox diet helps to strip your body of the toxins that have built up over the course of months or years of poor eating and drinking. The benefits of a detox diet are staggering.

10 Benefits of a Detox Diet

  1. Increased Energy Lack of energy may be the reason you initially begin a detox diet. By detoxing, you are ridding your body of the carbs, sugars, caffeine, fried foods and other high glycemic index junk that will normally make you feel sluggish. Fresh foods will give you an absolutely increase in energy without making you crash later.
  2. Immune Strength Detoxing helps the lymphatic system, which is a big part of your body's natural defense mechanism. Your organs will be healthier and will be better able to absorb nutrients and vitamins.
  3. Better Skin Clear skin is one of the most obvious benefits of detoxing. Your skin, being the largest organ, will look smoother and clearer and your acne may even be reduced.
  4. Better Breath Having an unhealthy colon can actually cause bad breath. Detoxing gives your body the chance to cleanse its colon, therefore reducing your likelihood of bad breath.
  5. Brain Power While you are detoxing you are freeing yourself of sugars, carbohydrates and caffeine. All of these have the ability to cause serious brain fog and lethargy.
  6. Pretty Hair Healthy hair follicles are a must for healthy locks. You are giving your hair an opportunity to be soft, health and shiny when you rid yourself of toxins.
  7. Anti-Aging What's on the inside will show on the outside. That being said, the toxins that your body holds on to tend to show through your skin in wrinkles, fine lines, age marks and blotches. By clearing these toxins, you are also giving your skin a chance to glow.
  8. Circulation Detoxing helps to clear your blood, helping it circulate through your body better. It also removes free radicals and reduces your chances for developing certain cancers.
  9. Form Healthy Habits It takes at least 2 weeks to break bad eating habits. Detox diets are a great way to break unhealthy habits since you would be putting a buffer between your old and new eating habits. Replace those bad foods for good by retraining your body.
  10. Weight Loss Weight loss is the number one benefit for most who decide to do a body detox. Since you are replacing bad food with good, you are drastically reducing your caloric intake. It is then important to carry those healthy habits over to your normal, non-dieting lifestyle.

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