Make The Switch To Bamboo

Make The Switch To Bamboo

I have heard a lot about people who want to make the switch to bamboo in their home, but I wasn’t sure why.  When I think of bamboo, all I can picture are the big stalks of it outside the window of my favorite Chinese restaurant.  Other than taking a smaller plant and keeping in at home for good luck, I had no idea why you would use bamboo for anything else.  Believe it or not, there are more reasons to make the switch than I would have thought.  I was really surprised at not only what items in your home you can use bamboo for, but also the extraordinary properties bamboo has.  I wanted to share some of the information I learned so that you can see how amazing this plant actually is!

  • Growth:  There is no shortage when it comes to supply.  This sustainable plant can grow up to 3 feet a day and can grow as tall as an office building!
  • Environment: One pound of cotton takes 1/3 pound of toxic pesticides, of which are some of the most harmful chemicals on earth.  The use of these chemicals is destroying our soil, air and water. Bamboo is grown with no pesticides and actually helps with the soil, air and water!
  • Home: Many items in your home can be made from bamboo, which is a planet friendly choice.  The benefits of using bamboo in your home are virtually endless and there are no cons to using it as there are with cotton and other materials.  One of the most popular uses for bamboo in the home is in bedding and linens.  One of the leaders in this industry is a remarkable company by the name of Bed Voyage.

The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Towels

The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Towels

If you have wondered what the benefits of using bamboo towels are, you are in good company!  I had no prior experience with bamboo linens or towels, so I was not sure what to expect from my towels from Bed Voyage.  The Bed Voyage factory uses the most eco-friendly process of turning a stalk into a fiber;  the ‘closed-loop’ process.  What this means is that the chemicals used in the breaking down of the stalk into a pulp (it’s a fairly benign chemical called Sodium Sulphate)  is recirculated and re-used over and over, not allowing it to leak out into the air or water ways.  Here are some of the highlights of using the towels from Bed Voyage:

  •  The towels are quite affordable ($29.99), are nice and big, (measuring 30”x54”) and come in white as well as a pretty sage green.  The cotton edging and mitered corners will keep your towels shape.  I can’t count the number of towels I have bought that lost their shape with the first laundry cycle.
  • The viscose fibers Bed Voyage use for their products are taken from pollution free areas in Asia and they are made in Socially Responsible factories overseas.  The towels are made with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton.
  • Bamboo fibers are hypo-allergenic, they wick moisture and keep us warm or cold, depending on the temperature.  They are also odor and mildew resistant which is important when you have kids who leave towels on the floor.  These towels are also way softer than traditional cotton towels.
  • These towels are thirsty little suckers (hee hee!!). By using the Bed Voyage towels on my hair, it dried much more quickly than with regular cotton towels.  The Bed Voyage towels are 3 times more absorbent than regular cotton towels.  When washing your towels from Bed Voyage, remember to wash on cold and dry on low.
  • The Bamboo Knit Blanket ($49.99) from Bed Voyage is the linen equivalent of comfort food!  With a generous size (45”x70 the blanket are perfect on a chilly night or on a long car ride.  This blanket would make a great gift, so be sure to double your order when you visit Bed Voyage online to purchase their lovely products.

One reader will receive one Bamboo Knit Blanket ($49.00) in their choice of Platinum or Sage (depending on availability).


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  1. I would like the sheet set in queen. Love bamboo. I have autoimmune disorders and chemical sensitivities, and bamboo does not aggravate these conditions.

  2. i have a bamboo towel that i can’t live without. my skin is super sensitive and it is the only thing i can use.

  3. i have a bamboo towel that i can’t live without. my skin is super sensitive and it is the only thing i can use.

  4. My favorite product is the Bamboo pillowcase! It has natural moisture wicking (didn’t know that). I really need that for my hot flashes.

  5. I own bamboo sheet Set – King size in blue and sage sets, I love them – super soft. My only issue is they hold stains.

  6. I have two (2) wool blankets on my winter bed. Maybe one bamboo blanket will do. I’d love to try bamboo everything.

  7. I would think that the blanket woud be my favouite but I think also the towels would be, just can’t make up my mind, would love to try and use all the products, also have heard of flooring as well, so it really is a hard decision to make as far as a favourite

  8. sounds like really nice products but my favorite is the king sheet sets oh to lye down on them.all comy and warm

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  10. I checked out the travel blanket you’re giving away and it sounds amazingly soft and comfy and with all the benefits of being eco-friendly, odor resistent and moisture wicking…this would be perfect for travel for myself and to throw on my granddaughters when they fall asleep in the back seat! 🙂 Love it!

  11. The unique sheet sets easily win! they are attached at the foot? you mean the thing that consistently makes making my bed a task is solved for me? awesome.

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