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The Best After School Snacks For Kids

Best After School Snacks

If you are a parent of a school aged child, you may be wondering what the best after school snacks could be.  Now that Caitlin is in the 8th grade, her schedule has changed dramatically this year.  Where Caitlin ate lunch at 11:55 last year, they now eat at 12:50, which is a huge jump for people with smaller stomachs!  Also, Caitlin is participating in a few after school activities, so she doesn’t get home some days until 4:30.  When she gets home, she is pretty hungry but dinner won’t be for a few hours, so I wasn’t sure what snacks would be best to get her to make it to dinner without dying of hunger!  Here are the top choices for you to serve to your hungry children:

  • Dry Cereal: Cereals are a great way to curb the late day hungries as well as sneak in some great nutrition.  Some of the most popular cereals are not filled with sugar like other popular brands.  Cheerios, Life and Kix are a great source of fiber and other important nitrites.
  • Peanut Butter: Unless your child has peanut allergies, peanut butter is a fantastic way to get some protein into your kid’s tummy.  Although higher in fat, most kids don’t eat such a larger amount they aren’t able to burn off by playing a good game of kickball!
  • Fresh Fruit: Fruit is the #1 snack favored by moms all over the world.  Fruit is packed with nutrients and unlike adults who need 3-5 servings each day, kid’s only need 1.5 servings.  If your kids aren’t fruit eaters, find some fun ways to introduce fruits into your child’s diet.

Fresh Food For Your Family

If you are looking for ways to get fresh food for your family into their diet, I think I have a great idea.  Buddy Fruits is a brand of all natural products for the whole family.  I reviewed the Buddy Fruits pouches and fruit snacks and my kids absolutely loved them.  We were lucky to have been honored with a second review of their new product; Giggle Gels ($18 per box).  This clever product is made of all natural ingredients just like the Buddy Fruits, but in gel form instead.  Just think of it like Jell-O in a drink pouch!  You have several flavors to choose from; strawberry, raspberry or orange.  Each flavor contains juice from real fruits, fruit puree as well as fruit pectin.  My kids loved the orange the best and Caitlin loves to take a pouch on the way to school.  Our neighbor Olivia also loves the Giggle Gels, which you can see in her picture!!  It is such an easy snack for the kids; all they need to do is grab one and go.  Although you can leave the pouches at room temperature, my kids said it tastes better cold.  The Giggle Gels are also really good on a peanut butter sandwich!  Buddy Fruits can be found at your local Safeway store of Wal-Mart.

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  1. My daughter loves the Apple & Multifruit one! I really want her to try the Apple chips, but I haven’t seen them in our stores yet.

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