The Blu Apple Produce Freshness Product

The Blu Apple Produce Freshness product is the perfect solution to people who love fresh fruits and vegetables.  I love having fresh produce in the house but its so frustrating when everything is rotten by the end of the week. My son and daughter both love bananas and it’s a staple for them every morning. They seem to be the worst with becoming brown and rotted in a couple days after buying them. Perfect for banana bread, not so perfect for a snack for my kids! I have tried the special produce bags that guarantee to keep fruits and vegetables fresh three to four times longer without any success!

Keep Produce Fresh Longer

The Blu Apple claims to have discovered the solution to keep produce fresh longer. I was obviously skeptical when they sent me their product for review. I have tried other products that claim the same thing and have been sadly disappointed. As soon as I received The Blu Apple, I placed one in my produce drawer with my lettuce, peppers, cucumbers and carrots and one in my fruit bowl, filled with apples and bananas. This was actually the perfect time to test this out as I was about to leave for vacation and a ton of left over produce. I was going to be gone for a long weekend and it had already been 4 days since I bought my produce. I left for the weekend, hoping for the best (returning home to lots of yummy fresh fruit and vegetables) and expecting the worse (a drawer full of mushy vegetables and a fruit bowl filled with rotten fruit and surrounded by fruit flies). I was pleasantly surprised that when I returned home, the fruit and vegetables were as fresh as when I left them. I usually have to throw my unused produce out in about a week after purchase. It had been a week since I was at the grocery store last and the produce was fresh and delicious.

Keep Produce Fresh in the Fridge

So how do you keep produce fresh in the fridge anyway? Basically, fruits and vegetables naturally release ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone, that helps produce ripen. However, when the fruits and vegetables are contained in your produce drawer or a fruit bowl, the ethylene gas is more contained and precipitates the riping process, causing the produce to spoil quicker. The Blu Apple uses a simple, organic, nontoxic and recyclable device filled with packets of Zeolite to help absorb the ethylene gas. Natural Zeolite is a pure form of volcanic ash that is used oxidize the ethylene gas, prolonging the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. The packets need to be replaced every three months. A research study conducted at The University of California at Davis showed that the ingredients used in The Blu Apple “not only succeed in their primary function of counteracting ethylene gas, but also in killing air-born bacteria, viruses, sour rot, blue mold and brown rot fungi”. And since Zeolite is a natural soil, The Blu Apple recommends disposing of the old packets in your plants or flowers.

The Blu Apple is an affordable way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh up to three times longer. Government experts have shown that the average family throws away over $600 of produce a year! At only $9.99 for a two apple pack and $9.99 for a years worth of refills, this product will pay for itself over and over. You can purchase The Blu Apple directly from the website or it is available from select fine retail grocers, co-ops and natural food stores in North America.  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information and retail locations.

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