Cat In HatThe Cat in The Hat Knows A lot about That-Tricks and Treats

Halloween is fast approaching and we have decorated our house with all of our spooky decorations.  Picked out our Halloween costumes and are gearing up for one of our favorite holidays.  With each holiday that approaches, we watch holiday specific movies and shows.  NCircle Entertainment was nice enough to send me The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That–Tricks and Treats DVD for review.  I was so happy to get something new to watch, we have been watching the same old Halloween DVDs for 3 years!

Halloween games for kids

Batty for Bats: Sally and Nick are playing blindfold tag but are having a hard time.  Cat wants to take them to see the bats so they can learn to see in the dark.  They take the thingamajiger, I love that they buckle up for safety (it really reinforces using a seat belt).  They venture into a bat cave and notice the water dripping from the ceiling (fish wouldn’t go in he was too scared).  They started echoing into the cave, they thought it was so cool that their voices were bouncing off the cave walls.  They find the bat and ask him how to find their way around in the dark.  He shows them how he navigates in the dark, using squeaks to find his way also known as echo location. Once they get back they play blindfold tag and are able to find each other (what a fun Halloween game for kids)!

Kids spooky Halloween costumes

Aye Aye!: The kids are playing with Halloween masks but they don’t think they are scary enough.  They don’t want them to be funny they want scary!  They go in search of Aye Aye in the forest of spooky woo woo to get some scary mask ideas with Cat.  Sally, Nick and Cat get a little scared when they start to hear noises in the spooky forest when all of the sudden they run into Aye Aye and Aye Aye was actually scared of them.  They liked Aye Aye’s ears, he uses them to hear the bugs in the trees then plucks them out with his fingers. They made masks to mimic the look of the Aye Aye (long ears, long fingers, sharp teeth and big eyes) he looks scary but he’s nice.  They were very happy to get such scary masks, now they have a spooky Halloween costume!

Trick or Treat Costume Ideas

Trick or Treat: Sally and Nick are dressed up and ready to trick or treat when they go off on an adventure with the Cat.  They are looking for trick or treat costume ideas for Cat when they came across Benny the spider monkey.  He showed off his tricks and the kids gave him a treat, he shared his mango’s with them.  Next was, Big Bruce the coconut crab, he showed them how to snap like a crab, so they gave him a coconut as a treat.  Then he shared his coconuts with them. On their last stop, Baboo the fruit bat taught the kids to hang upside down and when Cat tried he fell into a great pile of dates, which Baboo shared with them.  Cat used all the fruit that was shared with them to make a costume, what a wonderful use of imagination.

Perfect for your kids Halloween Movie Collection

When I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the DVD was she said “I like when they go in the thingamajiger, because they go on adventures and their mom always says yes”!  Oh to be 4 again, I guess she only wishes I said yes ALL the time!  I love that this DVD emphasizes sharing and the educational elements are awesome.  We learned about echo location and how bats sleep.  The silly songs they sing are so cute and the kids really enjoy them.  The kids liked the cameo appearances by Thing 1 and Thing 2.  The DVD was enjoyed by the family as a whole, its a great addition to our kids movie collection.  Spooky has become my daughters new favorite word…she wants every room in the house to be spooky!  You can purchase this DVD for $6.99 at your local retailer and online. NCircle Entertainment carries a whole line of wonderful kids DVDs including: Word World, The Gruffalo and Pocoyo. Check out Facebook!

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