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To find the correlation between marijuana and fake pee, one needs to understand the reason why people use fake pee in the first place. For most people, the reason is to avoid failing a drug test for whatever reason. For instance, some employers have a zero tolerance to drugs policy. This means failing a urine test can lead to dismissal, and that’s catastrophic. In other cases, passing a drug test can make all the difference between going back to jail and freedom, especially for people who are out on parole.  But does one really need fake pee when it comes to marijuana?

Well, this largely depends on the level of use, and the duration before the drug test. Marijuana’s active component that causes a high is called THC, and doesn’t last in the bloodstream for long. Unlike the compounds in other drugs, THC is broken down into metabolites fairly quickly. In a few hours, it is usually out of the system, and becomes almost undetectable. In fact, even when it comes to driving, a marijuana high only impairs driving for 3-hours or thereabout. Researchers are also in agreement that for light/occasional users, marijuana should be undetectable in the system within 24-hours.

However, for heavy users, the effects can linger on for days. In some cases, THC can be detectable in the system for up to 90-days after quitting. It is in such cases that fake pee comes into play. If you need to take a drug test immediately after taking marijuana, or you are a heavy user, then you may need fake pee, also known as synthetic pee. When shopping around for fake pee, you need to go for reputable brands. There are lots of knock-offs in the market, that are easily detectable, when taken through a rigorous urine test.  One of the best synthetic urines you can go for is Quick Fix. This brand is designed in a way that it gives the best results, when you need it most.  This brand has well-balanced PH and gravity, in order to mimic natural urine as closely as possible. It also has very discreet packaging and billing. As such, you don’t have to worry about someone tracking you while making the purchase.   

However, the correlation between marijuana and fake pee is not just limited to beating the system. There is also a fun aspect to it.  Marijuana is associated with fun, and one of the fun activities that people engage in, while smoking pot, is hunting. When hunting, synthetic urine has proven useful in attracting prey.  It makes for an amazing pastime, while enjoying pot with friends. Other fun activities where fake urine can come in handy for pot lovers include pee fetish and pranks. The fact that synthetic urine looks very much like normal urine can make for an amazing prank.  

In essence, when you think of the correlation between fake pee and marijuana, the connotation doesn’t have to be negative. There are lots of fun activities that come up, when the two are put together.