“AU” is a symbol used internationally to indicate the purity of gold (gold content). K gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. K gold jewelry is characterized by low gold content, low cost, and can be made into various colors, and is not easily deformed and worn. K gold is divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 9K gold, etc. according to the gold content. The gold content of the most common “18K gold” is 18 × 4.1666 = 75%, and the mark on the custom pet necklace jewelry should be “18K” or “750”. K gold’s “K” is the abbreviation of the term “Karat”. The complete notation is “Karat gold” (K gold). Pure gold is 24K (100% gold), The gold content of 1K is about 4.166%.

What is the difference between 18k gold and 24k gold?

18K gold and 24K gold are the most widely used in jewelry. Many people will confuse 18K gold and 24K gold. In fact, 18K gold and 24K are different.

24K gold refers to 99% pure gold. At present, the market is occasionally marked with 24K gold custom dog necklace jewelry. According to national standards, the theoretical value of 24K gold content should be 100%, but no gold is pure. Therefore, in a strict sense, 24K does not exist. It is not correct to mark 24K gold when selling and does not meet national standards.

18K gold means 75% gold plus 25% silver and copper, with yellow, white or red as the ratio of silver to copper is different. And 18K white gold, because of the large proportion of silver, it appears white color.

There are many colors of K gold, usually yellow, red and white. Among them, white gold is actually an alloy of gold and nickel, zinc, copper and other elements. It is not what is commonly called platinum jewelry. All in all, the 24K gold is relatively soft, so there is a certain difficulty in modeling, the style is limited, but it can keep its value. 18K gold engraved picture necklace is high in hardness, suitable for modeling and inlaying. It has more styles and is more fashionable, but it does not have a store of value.

Price difference: Looking at the gold content alone, it must be 24K more expensive than 18K gold. However, due to the high hardness of 18K gold, the processing difficulty is relatively high, and the processing cost is higher. Therefore, it is normal that 18K gold is more expensive than 24K gold.

What is the difference between 24K gold and 3D hard gold?

24K and 3D hard gold are all pure gold in jewelry. The hardness of 3D hard gold is 4 times that of ordinary pure gold. The purity is still the purity of pure gold cheap name bracelets.
3D hard gold is produced by a special process. Simply put, the ionic structure of gold is destroyed during the production process so that the hardness becomes higher, and it’s gold content is of course pure gold. The advantage of 3D hard gold is that the weight is relatively light and the surface is relatively large. It has relatively more novel styles cheap name necklace; the disadvantage is that it is expensive (mainly including the cost of the process), and can not participate in the trade-in service. It does not have the function of value preservation and can only be worn as a jewelry. They are all sold at a fixed price, and of course, they cannot be measured by the price of gold.

What is the difference between 14K gold and 18K gold?

From the above introduction of K gold, we can know that the gold content of 14K gold is 58.5%, the gold of 18K gold is 75%. The difference between 14k gold and 18k gold is the difference in gold content. The higher the content, the softer it is. The lower the hardness, the harder it is. Therefore, the K gold picture necklace used for setting stones is basically 18K gold and 14K gold.

For particularly complex styles it is recommended to use 14K gold because it is more stable. In general, the price of 14K gold is relatively cheap in precious metals, the texture is relatively hard, and it is not easy to rust and not easily corroded. 18K gold and 14K gold are also more capable of meeting people’s requirements on craftsmanship, creating more fashionable shapes favored by young people.

Generally speaking, people who are traditional and looking for value preservation tend to choose 24k gold, while modern young people, who focus on fashion and style, tend to have 14k gold jewelry. Because they are rich in style and novel, and can fully satisfy personality needs.