Our nightly routine in our house includes reading books before bed.  Every night since we received The Disappearance of Dawn by Jude McCanse, this book is on the top of the pile.  The whole family really enjoys the story and loves how it rhymes.  Each page has beautiful illustrations on it and my 3.5 yr old daughter loves looking at the pictures.

It’s a great story about the dawn (Aurora) being stolen and it remaining night forever. Until Sol comes to free her and they make the dawn appear again for everyone to rejoice. The story flows so nicely with the rhyming, its a real page turner and so enjoyable to read again and again (and again)!

After we initially read the story, my daughter then wanted to read it back to me, she said “the schemers were bad people and made auroura sad by taking her away, but sol he saved the day and let her free”,this made me smile because I knew she had gotten the story line.  I asked her what her favorite part was and she said “aurora being free and them all having fun at the end”.  What I thought was cool was at the end of the book on the last page it was in full color, even the flowers on the bottom of the pages.  My daughter noticed that as well, she said “look mommy the flowers have color and they didn’t on the other pages, that’s because they are happy Aurora is free”!  The book uses a vast vocabulary and a glossary page was included in the back, which I thought was pretty cool.
After we finish reading the story, we go through the glossary and I read her the words and tell her the definitions.  She was associating Aurora with Disney’s Princess Aurora and couldn’t understand what I was talking about so I took the opportunity to explain to her what Aurora really meant and that in this story we aren’t referring to the Princess version.  After the first time she understood, and I thought to myself if she can understand that, then why not introduce her to the other words and what they mean.  They are never too young to learn new words and broaden their vocabulary. For example, the first morning after we read the story she came to wake me up and told me that Aurora was in the sky because the sun was out!  I am so thankful to have been giving the opportunity to review this book, its one that we will cherish and read for a long time to come.  You can purchase this book at Judebooks Etsy shop or on her website for $14.95 plus shipping.
I had the opportunity to ask the Author, Jude McCanse a little about her writing and this is what she said:

” I’ve always tried to teach my children and my students to love words and to understand their power.  A good vocabulary allows one to “paint pictures with words,” like in poetry,  to express what is in one’s heart and in one’s mind, to debate, counsel and persuade.  One of the most wonderful things about reading is the development of a good vocabulary, and it is a good vocabulary that makes writing come alive. “


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