Fashions Can Be Universal
There’s nothing about a diamond that says “unfashionable”. The only thing that can be unfashionable about a diamond is the way in which it is worn. Certainly, a woman in a gown of a reasonable, modern cut wearing diamond earrings, or a diamond necklace, is never going to have the fashion of the diamonds she wears questioned. However a woman who uses diamonds as means of elucidating her exotic mode of display may be questioned. Yet it will be the woman, not the diamonds, who is questioned.

Precious stones have a value about them which transcends not just fashion among social groups, but the standing of the individual. A fashionable individual is more in fashion with diamonds finely displayed. An unfashionable individual is still admired for the diamonds.

This is the general effect of jewelry. Where there is an abundance of jewelry that has been finely crafted, there is a remarkable nature to its application in an outfit. One can’t help but be interested by beauty which carries with it the promise of extreme value. If that beauty enhances the wearer’s natural features, then the effect intensifies.

Fine Jewelry Considerations
The thing to look for in fine jewelry is fashion whose depth is not dependent on following, emulating, or copying trends. Look for creative fashion. If a trend is incorporated, it’s not as a means of “keeping up with the Joneses”. It’s more a matter of the jeweler’s love for some technique or other. Jewelry creation, display, mounting, and sale is really an art all its own. Most jewelers spend countless hours on a monthly basis adjusting, crafting, fixing, molding, and cutting the stones and metals which make up their offerings. Certainly, there are those jewelers who chiefly concern themselves with importing and exporting goods soon to be sold; but the jewelers who have a hands-on approach are more likely to be passionate about what they do. The more passionate a jeweler is, the more fashionable, stylish, and desirable his creations will be. His heart and soul, after all, went into designing an individual piece that can be found nowhere else in the world. To him it is like a painting, a novel, a film or a song. It is a physical sculpture made out of materials historically proven to transcend time, and accrue in value as the eons come. In such a way, jewelry accumulates worth not only in a monetary sense, but in that of legacy. The diamond earrings of your great grandmother who came across the Atlantic ocean during WWII aren’t just valuable because they’re imported antiquities; they’re valuable because they have been given a soul through the tale of their transmission. Such earrings are unlikely to be sold. They are more likely to be given to someone on extremely special occasions; thus expanding their legacy.

Craftsmen Of Detailed Passion
Jewelry designers who passionately create their wares understand legacy. They design not just to give wearers an enhanced, beatified appearance replete with the esteem of onlookers. They design to make their pieces match the stories which will naturally accompany them through the halls of time.

The best jewelry stores will certainly have some fingers and toes dipped in the import/export business; but more than that, they’ll work as craftsmen every bit as detailed and skilled as the finest sculptor. You can expect a ubiquity of watches in the better jewelry stores, as such designers of beauty also appreciate working with delicate mechanisms, more often than not.

When you find design that transcends time, you know that fashion will definitely inhere to the piece.


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