When the time has come for you to move home, you may want to consider hiring a professional long distance movers. Doing so means that much of the hard work is taken out of your hands. The physical strength needed to actually move home is tremendous, but that is only the half of it. You also have to protect all your belongings, make sure they don’t break in transit, pack them, unpack them and more. Plus, there is usually a period of time between moving out of one property and into the next one, which means you may also require storage. Very often, moving companies also have storage Arlington VA facilities, so they can sort everything out for you.

The Features of the Very Best Moving Companies

  1. They can also pack your belongings. This is generally an optional service, but one you may want to consider. After all, do you know how to keep your flatscreen 3D television completely safely, particularly if you no longer have the original box? And what about that priceless vase that you inherited from your grandmother?
  2. They are responsible for your belongings. You can check this by looking into their insurance policy and levels of damage recovery. It is very rare for a move to go ahead without at least one thing being damaged. If you do it yourself, it will likely be far more than one thing. And, if you do it yourself, anything that breaks will have to be replaced out of your own pocket. Not so with a professional moving company. Best of all, they also hold responsibility while your belongings are in storage.
  3. They know how to pack different items and they know how to put them in the truck and storage facility as well. They have knowledge of and access to the full variety of packaging materials, and they will all be brand new as well. This further insures your belongings are completely safe at all times.
  4. They may help you with moving your pets. Moving animals, particularly across state lines, can be incredibly complex. And while you may feel like you can simply place your dog in your car, what would you do if you also have three cats, a bird cage, two hamsters, a fish tank and a bearded dragon? A professional moving and storage company is able to deal with this properly, thinking both of laws and regulations, but also about the welfare and comfort of your pets.
  5. They have huge vans available, which means you can get everything in a single vehicle. On a standard driver’s license, you can usually only drive a small to medium-sized truck. This means that you may have to do multiple runs in order to actually move all your belongings. By using a removal company, this will be none of your concern.

Make sure you hire a moving company, in other words, particularly if you also require storage facilities.