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I have a thing for glasses. I do not know what it is, but when I see a bunch of glasses in a store like World Market, I am drawn to them like Moth to a Flame. As a matter of fact, I was side tracked for a good 15 to 20 minutes trying to figure out what I needed for my tiki bar I do not even own. Yes, I am one of those shoppers. I have drawers and closets full of things for my next project. So, as you can see World Market is a dangerously fun place for me to be.

No More Coffee Can Chimney Starter

I can and do spend hours in World Market jumping from area to area creating new themes for my home. Currently, my husband wants a tiki bar theme on our back porch, but as you know, we do not have a tiki bar yet. So, I bought some items to help out our upcoming theme and items that we could utilize now as well. First up was the Chimney Starter for our smoker/grill. Everyone who owns a smoker needs a real Chimney Starter, not a coffee tin can like you can see we were using. It is pretty much a no-brainer. The husband was so thrilled with his new chimney starter, he ripped off the wrapper before I could get pictures.

World Market Beer Bucket

Every outdoor tiki bar needs a beer bucket right? And I know I have not been to a BBQ without beer pretty much ever. You know how I got this idea? From the plethora of worldy selections at World Market. It is amazing all of the food stuffs they carry there. It is an epicurean dream. You can even mix and match all of your selections at $1.99. Our goal is to drink around the world this summer one drink at a time. That is a great stay-cation activity because you are already home and do not have to worry about driving! In addition to the beers, you can get all kinds of foodstuffs for summer BBQs like sauces and chips.

Tiki Butterfly

The Finishing Touches For Summer

I saw this butterfly, and I knew I had to have it. This is what I love about World Market. You can find really neat unique finds that no one else will have. Don’t you think this is ultra cool. I cannot figure out which way it goes though. Sometimes I think the two things on top are antennae and sometimes I think they are the bottoms of a swallowtail butterfly. Which way do you think it should go? See it is great art, a conversation piece, and it just says summer is here.

Summer Porch Ideas

Summer also reminds me of oranges like the sunset which we are so fortunate to have on our coast. I love candles at night on our porch because it gives it a nice homey, relaxing glow to sit and chat by. Just what my husband and I need at the end of each day. Time to reconnect and share our day.

World Market Porch StayCation

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World Market Flyer

World Market Specials

There are a few things I need to point out about World Market. I love how they not only have great items to choose from, but great bonuses to shop with the following programs.

  • World Market Explorer Membership – You simply have to sign up. You get tons of special coupons and deals delivered right to your inbox. Just by signing up, you get a 10% off coupon for your next trip!
  • The Buy and Fly in Store promotion. – When you make a $20 or more purchase in the store you will receive a 15% off coupon for Southwest Airlines to purchase a flight anywhere Southwest Airlines flies, and they fly a lot of places!
  • The Summer Getaway Sweepstakes – Each week during the sweepstakes World Market is giving away a trip for 4 anywhere Southwest Flies, including hotel accommodations and a $500 World Market gift card until July 13

This shop has been compensated by Cost Plus World Market, but all my opinions are my own

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