GruffaloThe Gruffalo is a classic tale about a mouse that is walking innocently through the woods when he is come upon by three predators. Being the small tasty looking morsel that he is, naturally, the predators want to eat him.  This witty mouse uses his cunning and quick thinking story telling skills to get out such an untimely end by spinning a yarn of his monster friend whom he is about to meet. Each of the predators are scared off, but then the little mouse is left with the product of his imagination, the imaginary Gruffalo, the monster described in his tale.

This was such a cute movie to watch my two boys, ages 1 and 3, watch. They sat forward in their seats hanging on every word that the mouse described and their eyes were wide while they rooted for the mouse to escape the three predators.  At one point, Mason and Jakobi were crying out for the mouse to hide when the Gruffalo appeared, and they both cheered with joy when the mouse was safe.

You can purchase The Gruffalo for $9.99 at NCircle Entertainment or at your local retailer after August 16, 2011.  You can also find NCircle Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter.

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