Hadaki makeup bag

Hadaki Makeup Bag

I love trying out new make-up. I am not really a huge shopper over-all, but there are some things I am rather hung up on, specifically books and make-up.  The biggest problem with liking make-up is finding a place to store it!  We have a fairly small bathroom, and I hate leaving things lying out.  Not only does it drive me nuts just seeing it not put away, but my children will get in to the make-up if it is not safely tucked away.  That is one of the reasons I was so excited to find Hadaki. Hadaki is not only great for home use but the perfect answer for my travelling needs.  I love that it is made of a wipeable fabric, because I am not a clean and tidy gal. I spill and I make messes. Thank goodness the Hadaki makeup bag allows for easy clean up!

Fashionable Accessories for Women

Hadaki is one of four distint divisions of The Kalencom Corporation, which was founded just over 40 years ago.  They are based out of New Orleans and Mississippi, but also have manufacturing facilities in Asia and overseas.  The division Hadaki manufactures fun accessories, such as, handbags, totes, messenger bags, cosmetic and toiletry accessories, gadget gear, and so much more.  They carry fashionable products for women that are also functional and made with top quality materials. All of their products are made to be eco-friendly, containing no harmful chemicals.  Also, Hadaki’s products are easy to maintain, which means most of their products are water resistant and wipeable.

Fashionable Accessories for Women

Fun and Energetic Patterns

I really like the Coated Makeup Case Pod in the Arabesque pattern.  I love the fun pattern, and the fact that it can help keep me organized.  Because it is a zippered case, it is easy to fold up and put away when not being used.  There are at least 45 different collections – enough of a variety of patterns to please any one of their customers, which range from the professionals to the college students.  Hadaki draws on the exuberance and intensity of New Orleans to create fun and energetic patterns.

You can purchase Hadakii products on their website, or you can use their locator to find a retailer near you. Be bold with Hadakii! You can get a $25 GC to their shop by filling out the GT form below.


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  1. i love how many variations there are of the different patterns! such as the city tote in jazz cobalt, a different style of bag and a different interpretation of what is otherwise an all-over pattern.

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