Riding a bike is an enjoyable and good exercise that anybody can engage in. Bikes are also an easy and reliable means of transportation anywhere in the world. You need though, to find a bike that suits your terrain as well as tastes and body physique. Most bikes are designed for individuals with a small physique, mostly below 100kg. This aspect makes it a challenge for heavy riders; that is guys above 100 kgs to find suitable and comfortable bikes. If you are in this category (heavy riders), here is a guide of the best heavy duty bikes you can follow to get yourself the most appropriate one.

Bike Frame

This aspect determines how long your cycle lasts before you break it down. the stronger the frame, the better since you will be putting the bike under a lot of pressure and tension with your heavy frame. There are several super-strong carbon bikes, but as a heavy user, you will be much safer with an aluminum alloy or steel frame. Aluminum alloy frames are both sturdy and light frame as well as affordable.

The Wheels

You need to check the quality, the number of spokes as well as the size of the wheels. Ensure that they are made of strong materials with a high number of spokes. For heavy riders, 20 or more spokes in the front wheel and about and about 32 in the rear wheel is good to diffuse tension exerted by your weight. You are more likely to break spokes if you ride a bike with fewer than 20 spokes. The lesser the spokes, the less the material and the higher the probability of snapping them.

In line with the wheels is the size of the tire. You will have more suspension and comfort with a wider width. If you are about 120kg and more, consider going for tires that are least 27 inches. The wider the better.


The saddle is a very important feature on your bike. This is where you sit as you ride your bike, and you will be sitting most of the time. As a heavy individual, you are also probably big. Look for a wide saddle to fit your size for comfort. A narrow one will make your experience riding your bike very uncomfortable.

The Handle Bars

You need comfortable and strong handlebars. In addition to steering your bike, the handles take in shock as you ride on different terrains. You can strap your bars with a thick bar tape to have them absorb shock better especially if you will be riding on very rough terrain.

Pedals and Gears

You need pedals with a wide platform to give your feet more support. Check the gear ratio. The rear gear can have nine chain links with the widest having at least 30 teeth to support your weight. The front gear can have two chain links, with the larger socket having at least 50 teeth and the inner smaller one having about 34 teeth.