Ever since its emergence in the 18th and 19th Centuries, roulette has swept across the global gambling community, ending up as one of the most famous gambling games of the modern era. There is just something about the inherent dynamism of watching that roulette wheel spin – its hard to get the same level of excitement elsewhere! 

In this article we are going to explore a roulette betting strategy that takes its name from 007 and one of the most famous secret agents in the entire world – James Bond! Read ahead for a comprehensive breakdown. 

Why do I need a roulette betting strategy? 

First things first: why do you even need a roulette betting strategy? It is a question that is bound to be on a lot of players’ lips especially beginners. Well, it is not as if you absolutely need a betting strategy in order to play, but having one will greatly improve your chances of walking away from a roulette session with a smile on your face. 

Gambling is all about probability at the end of the day, and some of the most popular betting strategies have been specifically designed with mathematics at the heart. Following them, therefore, will almost always be better than just betting at random. 

What is the James Bond roulette betting strategy? 

So then, what exactly is the James Bond roulette betting strategy? True to its name, this is a system that aims to give the gambler a chance to make some huge profits incredibly quickly, however as you might imagine it is also fairly risky at the same time. It is also an incredibly simple strategy, meaning that beginners will be able to grasp the concept behind it in no time at all! 

One thing to mention here is that the James Bond betting strategy is meant for European roulette specifically, so don’t go using it on an American roulette wheel. 

How do I use the James Bond roulette betting strategy? 

Right, by now you are probably itching to find out exactly how to use the James Bond roulette betting system, and who are we to refuse you this priceless information? In order to use the James Bond roulette betting system you will need a fairly sizeable bankroll, as it starts with an initial expenditure of $200. 

With this you place $140 on the number bet 19-36, $50 on 13-18 and $10 on the single zero pocket. As a result of this spread of money there is very little chance you will lose, with the ball having to stop on a number from 1-12 for this to happen. 

Pros and cons of the James Bond roulette betting strategy 

The biggest pro to the James Bond roulette betting strategy is that it can certainly make you rich quickly, especially if you have a few lucky spins. However, it can also be a problematic system, because if you sustain too many losing spins you will very quickly find yourself with a massively depleted bank roll.