Noble Gnarble

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico is one of our new favorite children’s books.  Story time at our house is my favorite part of the day. We cuddle up on the couch or in bed with a stack of books to read.  I let each child alternate picking a book to read.  My 4 year old loves reading and listens with every ounce of her being.  Her younger sister who is 1, looks at the pictures and babbles.  Even though she doesn’t talk much I know she loves this time.  She loves books and frequently grabs one and puts it in my lap.  I love to engage my children with reading to develop their love for reading, sense of adventure and imagination.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the children’s book The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico.  From the first second I laid eyes on this book I knew I would enjoy it.  The cover illustrations are so vivid and colorful it pulled me in and each and every page got better and better, the illustrations are out of this world.

The story is about a Gnarble fish who lived on the ocean floor, he dreamt of seeing the sun, sky and playing in the waves.  He told his friends that he was going to swim to the surface to live out his dream.  His friends warned him not to go, they said it was very dangerous.  But that didn’t stop the Gnarble he set off to swim to the surface.  On his way, he encountered several dangerous situations (just like his friends warned about) but he overcame them and moved on.  Just as he could see the light of day, he was eaten by a plink!  He got very upset and was about to give up but decided he had to find a way out while he was searching his tail was tickling the plink and all of the sudden the plink opened his mouth laughing sending the Gnarble out into the ocean again.  He swam quickly to the surface and flipped in the waves, seeing the sky and sun.  He was one happy Noble Gnarble indeed!

Going After Your Dreams

Going after your dreams is so important, I found this story to be so encouraging.  No matter what the Gnarble was going to go after his dreams.  He wasn’t going to let any obstacle stop him from accomplishing it.  This sends a wonderful message to young children.  That they can reach for the stars, work hard for what they want and even when obstacles present themselve they need to persevere and keep going.  Such a positive and uplifting message, a book we all thourghly enjoyed.  At the end, I asked my older daughter what her favorite part was she said “when the plink laughed and gnarble was free, did you see the plink’s teeth?  There were sugar bugs (a term we use to get her to brush her teeth) everywhere he needs to brush his teeth!”
You can purchase this book for $14.95.  Other titles from Daniel Errico include: What Slowed the Sloth, The Woolly-Not-So-Mammoth Who Wanted to Be Aladdin and What do you Find at the End of the Road.

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