The dog days of summer have finally arrived, which means that your children are probably invading your kitchen as you read this! I’m still pretty lucky, as in my child is too young to raid the fridge! Just because I am a work-from-home momma doesn’t mean that I have the time or, more importantly, the energy, to get dinner ready each night. But I have a heart and a conscience, and definitely could not bare to think of my poor husband coming home each night to no food on the table after a long day. Fortunately, that’s where Coca-Cola and Walmart’s quick effortless meals come in to play.


3 Keys To Quick Effortless Meals

  • Fast: The best part about an effortless meal is the time is takes to prepare it. They are quick and easy and more importantly, require minimal time invested in preparation. 
  • Fun: A meal that if effortless is a fun meal for the family. There is no stress of cooking and everyone is able to relax and enjoy dinner together!
  • Family: Effortless meals allow moms to spend more time with their family instead of in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

Coca-Cola and Walmart have teamed up to create effortless meals for families who are on the go. As a mom, I am able to quickly and conveniently pick up the Walmart and Coca-Cola meal products, and enjoy them with my family without the burden of cooking. This, I love! As an added bonus there is little clean up involved since I’m not having to slave over hot pots and pans to prepare dinner! There are three meal options available- a take ‘n bake pizza, sandwiches and a marketside rotisserie chicken meal and there are tons of variations to each so there is no getting bored! Want to know the best part? My entire meal cost less than $15!

I purchased a Lemon Pepper Marketplace Rotisserie Chicken, 2 sides and a bottle of delicious Coca-Cola. WOW! Effortless meals are available at your local Walmart and you can read more about them here.

What is your favorite part about an effortless meal?