Kia Soul Review

I am not really a car person. I mean I need one like most people, but I do not oooh and aaah over rims and horsepower. I have even been known to buy a car purely on the “important” features to me. So I am not going to talk to you about things I do not know about or pretend that I care. Great necessities in life like a passenger-side mirror behind the visor and good air conditioning are important to me. I live in Florida, so the air needs to blow cold and I just must be vain cause I need a mirror on the passenger side when the hubby drives which is more often than not. Guess what the first thing I checked for when I got to review the Kia Soul?

Passenger side mirror with light

I was thrilled to see not only was there a passenger side mirror, but it had a light as well! Totally cool. A nice sized mirror too so I could check for things in my teeth, put on my lipstick and look at the kids without having to turn my head. I don’t know about you, but in my family Daddy drives the most when we leave the house, so what goes on in the passenger side of my own car is very important. When I was younger I never even thought to sit in the passenger seat of a car I was buying for myself, but once you are part of a team it becomes a necessity. So I will start there. The seats were very comfy. I was able to lay back a little and not intrude on my son’s space in the back. He also wasn’t able to kick the back of me which is awesome!

Cool Door panel Kia Soul

In the doors, the Kia Soul had an Infinity audio systems with speakers that glowed and changed colors to the beat of the music. It was pretty entertaining. The sound system was great and was easy to control in the center dash. Speaking of which check this out! You can download your music from any smartphone right to the jukebox of the Soul by connecting your phone via Bluetooth or usb to the UVO system.

Bells and whistles

You can also download CDs too and the jukebox will hold all your songs in memory. If you do not want to listen to your own music, you can always find Howard Stern or another satellite station with Sirius. When you purchase the vehicle you get 3 months free, but as a Sirius listener the monthly fee after that time period is minimal and totally worth it. So having Sirius has become a must-have feature for my cars to be equipped with.

Using UVO

Besides the passenger mirror, this back up camera is my favorite feature. This way you can totally make sure that you hit your neighbors trash can for leaving it in your drive way again. Just kidding you know I meant avoid right? (But if I did want to hit it, I could with precision!) It even says CHECK your surrounding for safety!

Kia Soul backup Camera

Kia is known for making cars with a face. As a matter of fact, I was the proud owner of one of the first Kia Sephias sold in 1994. I loved my Kia then, and I love my Kia now. I own a Kia Sorrento. They are unique individual cars and trucks that stand out from the rest of the blended competition. You feel special when you drive one cause it looks different and drives well.  Just take a look at how sleek and sexy my ride looked. It even looks great in the rain!

Kia Soul Review

You can also see how the Kia Soul has all the details covered. Things like front fog lights and privacy glass. The mirrors are also heated and include turn signals. That must be really helpful up North in the wintertime. Take a look at the trunk. There is enough room for groceries, and if needed the seats can fold down. You can see the wood chips on the right from when we carried a trunk load of wood for our fire pit.

Kia Soul Trunk Space

When we had the Kia Soul, my family and I drove down to Naples for a few days. Normally that would have taken at least 3/4 a tank of gas, but to my surprise I did not go to empty for a full 7 days. That is probably because the Kia Soul gets 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. It also has a ECO system button so you use less gas and drive more economically if you want to – which I do. I am a frugal mom and every penny counts. So that leads to the big question…

Kia Soul 2012 Review

How much does this Moss colored beauty with tons of Soul cost? With all the features, and there are a lot, the sticker manufacture price is 19K. Not too shabby for all the bells and whistles included. It is a good solid family car, one that I almost would have purchased when I bought my Kia Sorrento. It truly was a toss up to the very end. Would you like to receive more information on the Kia Soul?