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Alexa Low-down
maximizing twitter
– earn $
– getting followers
– upping your klout
– tribrr
business where to start
blogging getting started
media kit
monetizing your blog
working with other bloggers
what to sell? (business)
knowing your clientelle/readership
getting your name out there
knowing your stats/numbers
networking – which sites are the best?
Best site for setting up your shop? etsy vs. bonanza vs. artfire etc
Marketing 101
accounting 101 for small business/blog
How to choose a blog designer
benefits of working with an expert designer
benefits of using blogger
benefits of wordpress
when is the time to make the switch between blogger & wordpress
What is SEO and why do we need it?
Attracting PR reps
What does a PR rep look for in a blogger?
What sites are best for your stats?