This is one of many sequels to the original Land Before Time film by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Actually, it is the 14th film in the series. Sometimes this can mean not so great quality, but not in this case. I enjoyed this more than I expected to and it kept my little guys’ attention as well.


In this particular film, the much beloved Apatosaurus character, Littlefoot, takes on the huge life lessons of bravery and friendship. These are exactly the kind of movies I love to watch with my little guys because the lessons are folded into fun and I think they really stick with them. Check out the exciting preview below.

In this story, Littlefoot’s father has gone missing and he is on a mission to rescue him. Of course, this is not an adventure to take on alone, so he is accompanied by his best friends, Cera, Ducky, Spike, and Petrie. Witnessing their interaction is another great lesson for young children about friendship. How to be there for others and how to accept help from them, too,  when they need it, are skills that will get them very far in life.

It just wouldn’t be The Land Before Time if there weren’t many plot twists and character obstacles along the way. Littlefoot and his pals are forced to face their fears when they must travel through the land of featherhead, Sharptooth and when they cross the dangerous ‘earth break’. This journey culminates with a trip along the moving water to the very ominous Fire Mountain. The brave dinos manage to face their fears again and again and are able to triumph over them to reach their goals. I like to tell my kids that fear can always be trumped by bravery when hearts are in the right places and intentions are good and pure. I am looking forward to watching the next film when it comes out.

Land Before Time-Journey of the Brave_on DVD Feb 2