Cecilia from The Lily Bird Studio sent me sewing patterns to review.  When I saw these adorable dresses and couldn’t wait to get started. The dress patterns I received are the Pleated Top Dress, the Pink Dress and the Spring Dress.  I really enjoy sewing dresses for my little girl; just like my mom did for me.  Many of my favorite dresses were made by my mom. Every time I make a new dress for my daughter, I can’t wait to see her reaction and hope she will like it as much as I do. She’s been pretty happy with them all so far and knowing how much she likes them makes all the time I put into sewing worth every minute.  I don’t get to sew as often as I’d like to, but when I do, I try to challenge myself to learn new techniques. I will be honest and admit that sometimes I will avoid certain sewing projects that involve sewing techniques I’m not familiar with. Not this time. I really wanted to sew to learn.  So, when given the choice of which Lilly Bird Studio patterns to review, I selected dresses with a new techniques to learn. Each pattern had at least one new thing for me to learn: pleats, a rounded neckline, and shirring.  Lily Bird Studio patterns provided all the information I needed to learn these techniques. Each of the Lily Bird Studio’s patterns comes with a detailed tutorial and step-by-step illustrations. After reading the tutorials cover to cover, I put together all of the PDF pattern pieces, then cut out my fabric, and started on each dress. As a busy mom of two young children, my time to sew is limited to short spans throughout each day over a period of days. So, I can’t really say how long it would take to sew each dress from start to finish. I can say that putting the pattern pieces together and cutting out the fabric took less than an hour and once I got down to the sewing part, I was able to finish each dress in just a few hours.  I was really happy with each dress I made. These styles are perfect for the ever-growing girl and can be worn either as a dress or as a top with leggings. The patterns I used included sizes as small as 9 months up to 8T and the fit is very close to retail sizes so there is no need to guess on what size to make for your little girl.

The Lily Bird Studio offers more than little girls’ dresses. There are patterns for pants, tops, and shorts and shirts for both boys and girls. There so many adorable patterns available in The Lily Bird Studio’s Etsy Shop. I had a hard time picking just one as my favorite. Of the three dresses I made, I think my favorite is the Pleated Top Dress, but my daughter loves The Pink Dress because the print I used has her favorite color, red, in it.  We both agree that they are all very cute. I can’t wait to make more dresses! Which is your favorite Lily Bird Studio Pattern? You could win your favorite pattern by entering the Lily Bird Studio Pattern Giveaway using the rafflecopter form below. There will be 3 winners, each to win a Lily Bird Studio pattern of their choice. During the period of this giveaway, The Lily Bird Studio is also offering a 10% discount by entering the code LBSMAKOBI.  The prices of each pattern are very affordable ranging from $3.50-$6.90 or a set of 4 patterns can be purchased at $21.50. More information on the Lily Bird Studio and upcoming releases of new patterns and promotions can be found on Lily Bird Studio’s facebook page and available by subscribing to @LilyBirdStudio on Twitter.

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