Iron Man 3
We L-O-V-E – LOOOOVE the Avengers in this house! Mason is the cutest Iron Man ever, oh wait no Jakobi is…wow what a tie! My boys and I have watched the whole Avengers series over and over so many times that my kids think their are over 20 different movies. As a matter of fact, today we even went to a Superhero birthday party and guess who Jakobi was? Yup! Iron Man. Mason was Spiderman (he is in the Avengers too – just not in the movie yet – oh wait was that a spoiler?) Well, you can read all about it like I did in the comic book (now called a graphic novel) if you pre-order the The Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD/Graphic Novel Combo Pack online by September 24, 2012 from Walmart. You can order it right here!

Avengers Graphic Novel

Jakobi had a great time flipping through the pages and pointing out all the people he knows. I think comic books are great for kids, because it helps instill a love for reading. My mom always said it didn’t matter what your kids read just as long as they read! Jakobi was really involved and entertained for about an hour. Once, when he got up to go pee, he even bookmarked his place. He got that from watching Mommy read!

Reading at a young age

Are you excited to get your hands on the The Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD/Graphic Novel Combo Pack? Well in addition to receiving the graphic novel, if you order by Sept 24, 2012 you will also be entered into the Iron Man 3 Sweepstakes. The winner will receive 4 movie passes to the theatrical premiere of Iron Man 3! Could you imagine?

Blu-Ray/DVD Release



What would you wear? I know what my boys would be wearing! I am pretty excited about the release and have my fingers crossed we might win the sweepstakes, but if we don’t win, I sure hope one of my readers does! Want to know about another exciting event?

#MarvelAvengersWMT Twitter Party

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    • Sounds like you have a full house of Avengers enthusiasts, just like I do! I agree, providing kids with reading material that interests them is a big step toward that life long love of reading 🙂 I can’t even imagine the whooping there would be if we were to win the sweepstakes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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