The Mega Bloks Building Toys Are Super Hot This Year

I call Henry my odd little duck because he is a bit of an enigma! Since he was a toddler, he would do things you would just not see other kids doing. For instance, if we gave him a bag of fruit snacks, he would sort them by color and line them up and then eat them one by one. If he were playing Candy Land, he would want the cards to stay neatly stacked and the game pieces to line up together. Let me tell you, it would take forever to get through just one game with him. When we found out OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) was common with people who have autism, it all made sense. People with OCD like to have everything in order and if it is not, it is difficult for them to function at times. One of the best therapy toys we found for Henry were building sets, especially with smaller pieces. The Mega Bloks® building sets are perfect for Henry and he can play with them for hours. Lucky for us, the Mega Bloks building toys are super hot this holiday season!

Boys Love Building With The Mega Blocks Halo Sets

Boys Love Playing With Mega Bloks Building Toys

Mega Bloks® are toys for boys as well as girls that have stood the test of time. Not only are they fun to play with, but they are great for educational and developmental purposes too. Mega Bloks® have building toys and sets for the preschool age child all the way up to the older kids. The brightly colored and easy to fit larger pieces make building easy for little fingers. For the older kids, you can find advanced set for building and collecting. Whether your child loves superheros, soldiers or creatures, Mega Bloks® has something they will like. In my house, boys love playing with Mega Bloks® Hot Wheels™ Super Stunt Test Facility building toys and we got two get sets to try out. Henry received the incredibly popular Hot Wheels™ Super Stunt Test Facility and the Halo UNSC Night Ops Gausshog.

Here is the summary on each one of the sets:

The Hot Wheels™ Super Stunt Test Facility: This beauty sells for $39.99 and is well worth every penny! Henry spent 2 solid days playing with this one and I think he only took breaks to eat, sleep and pee! You can build the Test Facility in several ways, which lends to more fun time. It has an adjustable, multi-mode ramp and use the awesome Turbo Tire launcher, which Henry loves! This is one must have toy this holiday season.

Halo UNSC Night Ops Gausshog: This set, which retails for $32.99, is any little soldiers dream! They get to lead their army to victory in the UNSC Gausshog, a light anti-armor variant of the Warthog LRV. It has a 360° rotating Gauss Cannon, a real working suspension and specially engineered floodlights. Henry really loved the light features and in-game sounds, which added to the whole “real” feel of the toy.

Be sure to visit the Mega Bloks wesbite to see the entire selection of toys. To stay current with the latest news and products, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win one Mega Bloks® Hot Wheels™ Super Stunt Test Facility ($39.99)


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