The Most Comfortable Summer Shoes

I am a big fan of sandals and wear them quite often. The kids have adopted my love of this shoe type as well. We are out a lot in the summer and I just hate to have my feet all covered up in other shoe styles! Also, we go to the water park a lot, and sneakers are just not the shoe to wear while you are there! Another reason I love sandals is because we go in and out of the house a lot and we tend to track stuff into the house. With a pair of sandals, we can just slide them off before we come in. I recently found a company names Bokos USA that is a family owned and operated business that makes the most comfortable summer shoes!

The Most Comfortable Summer Shoes

When I saw the sandals from Bokos USA, I could tell right away they would be comfortable. These easy to slide in and out of shoes are the most comfortable summer shoes for my family! There are 4 colors to choose from in the men’s as well as the women’s categories. They are made of a super durable non-porous rubber material and are anti-odor and stain resistant. If the kids happen to get them  dirty, you can just rinse them off and they are ready to go! You can wear them with shorts, capris or a cute summer sundress. They are very cute and versatile and oh so comfortable!

The Bokos USA company was formed by two brothers who hailed from Minneapolis. The both spent time overseas and they brought with them sandals that they has been wearing abroad. They fashioned the Bokos shoe similar to that shoe and proceeded to make a well made, good looking and fun to wear sandal. They would wear the sandals everywhere they went and soon they were being asked where they got them. And as they say, the rest is history! Now you can find a pair of shoes that are great for wearing to the pool or beach, camping, running errands or just about anywhere else you please! You can purchase the sandals from the Bokos USA website for $16.00 for men’s or women’s.


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