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The Most Popular Summer Shoe Styles

Well, it that time of year when you can unleash your tootsies from the confines of winter footwear. Every year I cannot wait for the warm weather to hit so I can get my pedicure and wear my summer shoes. I am a big flip flip lover and I wear them almost all of the time. I will wear them if there is snow outside, as long as my husband does not catch me! He thinks flip flops are for the fashionably challenged. What does he know!? I do wear other styles besides flip flops, so I wanted to see what other popular summer shoe styles were being worn this season. I always love to see what is hot and what is not each season. Here are the top five that I found:

  1. Pointed toes.  No matter your height, this shoe will never go out of style . This season has seen a huge resurgence of this style so if you like the look a stiletto gives you without the height, this style is perfect for you.
  2. Platforms. This popular winter style is still strong for your summer style. This shoe will get you height but give the feeling like you are wearing flats.
  3. Black and white. One of the seasons hottest color combinations for clothing is black and white. The same holds true in footwear. The style does not matter as long as you have these colors on your feet!
  4. Hot colors. If you love color, you can tuck away your go-with-everything black or nude shoe. You can wear orange, red or yellow as a basic and florals and prints are hot as well.
  5. Sandals: This standard will always be one of the most popular go to looks for the warm months. Some of the popular styles are the gladiator, metallic, with a small heel and yes, the flip flop. What is in for flip flops is a style that looks as great as it is comfortable. When I think of comfortable shoes, I immediately think LAMO Footwear.

The Most Popular Summer Shoe Styles

How excited was I when I saw that my tried and true flip flops were still in style! I was giddy with glee and my husband’s opinion can take a hike! The one thing I do have a problem with when I buy flip flops is that they tend to hurt between the toes until you break them in. The reason I love LAMO Footwear so much is because they have a unique feature that sets them apart from all of their competitors. All of the LAMO Footwear has the softest Australian Merino sheepskin, making them so comfortable you do not ever want to take them off! Because they are located in California, right on the beach, they know exactly what is hot and what is not as far as fashion and footwear.

I was sent the Floral Flip by one of my top fav footwear contacts, Dorothy Mannfolk from Mannfolk PR. I thought the tie dye look of the fabric and the cute ruffle just makes the shoe. The shoes are adorable and oh my goodness are they comfortable! You know that favorite pair of sheepskin boots that you wear every chance you get in the winter? Well, now you can have that same comfort with any style shoe you choose, including sheepskin! Whether it be for casual, business, boots or the beach, LAMO Footwear has you covered! You can purchase your LAMO shoes directly from their website, which includes the Floral Flip, which retails for $49.95.

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