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Music fans from all over the world would welcome the opportunity to see the instruments of favorite performers up close and personal. The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix is an interactive experience for the whole family. Where other museums keep all the display items behind plexiglass that is positioned far from harm, the MIM is quite the opposite. The exhibits are behind ropes, but are in the open where you can get a close look at a myriad of music paraphernalia from artists like John Lennon and Taylor Swift. There is even a piano in the hall that spectators are encouraged to play, but I would need to visit takelessons before I try my hand at that. Look at all of these cool instruments just on one side of the room! Jakobi (my son) would have a field day.

Musical Instrument Museum
The mission of the museum is to collect and preserve musical instruments, images and music from artists from every country in the world. The MIM has connected music lovers with their favorite artists on a level that is personal rather than standoffish like other museums. You get a pair of interactive headphones to listen to while you browse. It is like having your own tour guide that is triggered by the exhibits you are looking at.

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A Hands On Museum

The MIM celebrates the world of music’s diverse sounds, sights, performers and professionals in the field. The tour of the museum enables the spectator an interactive experience that is fun and interesting for all ages. Even those who may not be “fans” of music, can still appreciate the rich history that has been collected over the years by the museum. Currently, the MIM houses over 15,000 musical instruments as well as over 5,000 pieces of music memorabilia.

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In the Artist gallery you will see instruments from famed artists like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Carlos Santana and recently added Taylor Swift. In the Experience Gallery, the MIM becomes a hands on museum for all who care to participate. Patrons can play and experiment with making music on ukuleles, gongs, tambourines and pianos. If you are one with delicate ears, you may want to bring along some cotton for the boisterous sounds you will hear in the Experiment Gallery. In the main entry way you can tickle the ivory of a Steinway and Sons piano. Kass and Jeana, some of the Bloggers Go gals even played chopsticks!

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Be sure to allow yourself enough time for visiting the special exhibits of well known musicians like Elvis whose career warrants more than a few pieces of memorabilia to be treasured and admired. In the MIM Music Theater you can enjoy concerts by such music greats as Marty Stuart, Rickie Lee Jones or Joan Osborne.

Tickets are sold separately for these shows and times and upcoming performances can be found on the MIM website. They even have an onsite restaurant where you can grab some good eats. Their tater tots are famous!

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Musical Instrument Museum 4725 E Mayo Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85050 (480) 478-6000 Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 9 am-5 pm Thu 9 am-9 pm Sun 10 am-5 pm Tickets: Adults: $18 Children Ages 13-19: $14 Children Ages 4-12: $10 Children under 4: Free